my brothers Witnesses Jehovah, 4

4 - Through impending punishment, That the men possessed and build: that, for you are: cut down on the whole human race, you will lose many lives, bodies and devastated: in the spirit. However, selectively, as they were miraculously saved the TRUE believers of Israel, so they are saved believers in our days, to: them, nothing will oppress them.
5 - actually, even though there are about three centuries (That time, we have a duty of prayer: to anticipate) for: the Second Coming of the Lord, but the last few centuries will be of: great concern and: tribulation. In fact, humanity will continue to: the bounds of its Creator and: to: nella ingratitudine live, for: this, and natural disasters: human catastrophes not: and can be avoided: these will gradually worsening conditions of generating: great disturbance and: tribulation.
6 - Decades of: large and peace: economic prosperity, an oasis of: joy and: prosperity will be all over in the world to: the reason of: planned construction of the: Third Jewish Temple to Jerusalem, That will become the place of: spiritual rebirth and: of: universal concord.
This being not: be granted because of the men have decided: to be faithful to God, but only for: a decision of the: divine benevolence.
7 - The United States is irretrievably lost, because they are now unable to: break free from Satanism, that is: entered in depth both in government institutions, as in those devices. Satanism, as an cancer, it is: now installed and: widespread in that country, as in an: body, now not: it has no hope of: life. God will destroy the U.S. with: an: meteorite! And Christians: all: citizens in the U.S., not: yet know of: they are powerless, even if they are a majority, they nevertheless not: can no longer affect the political level, and since the government: political life have been lost for: ever, they are only a sham! Freemasonry and: secret societies have thus permanently undermined, That, irreversibly hold true of the wires: history. Only an unthinkable and: not with the French Revolution: its guillotine and: its millions of: victims and: her terror That could solve this situation, is: without hope. All political institutions, administrative, judicial and: military, at least as long as there and the bank seigniorage: the secret organization like the Freemasons, not: can no longer belong to the law, so all a scam is: the Constitution and: an all: poor theater is: political life! The rational demonstration and: of scientific: everything is: simple and: indisputable: "peoples not: That known for 200 years, are victims of the: banking seigniorage" and myself until December 18 of the: 2007 That thought, public debt was made up of sums That, the State had borrowed and: spent not so bad: being able to return. All political institutions of the West are a fiction perfectly orchestrated for: fool the people, That, now, even if they were aware, not: longer capable of: reacting. HIDDEN institutions, of: unthinkable power and hide in Europe: in the USA. But hope has abandoned irreversibly to the U.S.: the reason of: drift of Satanist: these. In fact, most of: 150,000 human sacrifices are made in this country in honor to Satan and: this would never be possible without the complicity of the authorities! Invitation, especially to girls: not: attend to: the parties of: outside the family and: nevertheless with: the presence of at least six people known for some time. The United States, therefore, will be wiped out by an: large meteorite already called the mystic of New York, Teresa, "of the ball: Redemption" while Europe is: designed to: replace the U.S. role in the world. But the rights of God will continue to be ignored, as is: still denied the Christian roots in the constitution of the Masonic: EU, and: the hour, this anti-Christian Europe will arise the Antichrist, the worst of: all: anti - Cristi earlier, because they manifest with: the weapons of the insidious: dissimulation, just as now is: cleverly concealed the crime of the: banking seigniorage. The symbol for: excellence of: all: the anti - Christ, an Zapatero for: excellence, will be an: skillful political leader and, lately impose the micro-chip or 666 That, is: already been built and: that, already is implanted in specific personnel. not: I invite Christians to emigrate to the U.S., they will be widely and: widely advised by the Pentecostals, the right time to: escape, to: this regard, agree and, buy in small houses common in areas of: holiday abroad, these fairies stocks of: food to: long shelf life.
8 - The world is: currently governed by a pyramid or a hidden secret of the monarchy: the few Jewish bankers Satanists that their top is always an: grand old man, because the election is: to: life. These damned, pursue the worship of the Babylonian: Murdok and: make use of the International Monetary Fund, of: many government institutions, of Freemasonry, the mafia, of the: Satanism, of: agencies, SpA, and: the monopolies of the: chemical weapons and: of the: oil. This structure is: an organic part of: a secret pyramid, That, is: the materialization of the: and thought: of the: same body of Satan in the world. This is: an: That project so old, is even been mentioned in Dante's Divine Comedy: "you are men and: not: silly sheep, That is, of: the Jew among you not: laugh!" said not: to: if and: with: my own knowledge of: cause. of: this diabolical project, known as one of the "Elders of Sion" decided of: be part of the same Russell, like many leaders of Witnesses: Jehovah, That, now find themselves with Satan. The Illuminati, or Jewish International Bankers, now with the single world, taming and Net Work: manipulated the whole human race, leading to moral decay (pornography, horror, materialism, always frivolous attitudes, corruption of the scientific research, plagiarism, lie, and: many of: That the crimes, not the imagination: it can understand.) The Illuminati, or international Jewish bankers have enslaved all: the peoples of the West to their project: New Word Order, already expressed in the document of the: protocol, elders of Sion. for: to making this new "Tower of: Babel" and: for: to have an: control occult and spiritual, real and insidious: deep all over the world, they affect us to: shortly in the third world nuclear war against China , as evidenced by the Hon economically Giulietto Church. to: of reason: this conflict, and the living will envy the dead: the planet not: be the same.9 - In the light of: all, all: also with: the only silence or indifference only make themselves accomplices of the projects: Satan of: destruction of the: mankind.10 - remain, THEREFORE, valid all the curses of Ap. 22, 18-19 and: of: Jer. 28, 15-17 to: unequivocally condemn the violators of the: Word of: to God: These, I, adopted son, and deified: glorified of: YHWH adds prophesying in the name of Jesus, every disease and: That curse, never have met and: arisen. These curses are in the temporal and: in the body and: hit the rebels and blasphemers: deniers of the rights of God and: all: the collaborators of the: and evil: of the: banking seigniorage. all: these, in the whole human race,will be hit with: Clement mercy, so that they may have and: time for: convert. But it will be hit with: firmness and: unstoppable progression, they gradually lose their serenity and: then health. These evils will strike without distinction and: hit all over the world, as not: is: never happened before in the history of the: mankind.
13 - "THE WORD is: MADE FLESH" in John 1, 14 but becomes a counterfeit card and: humiliated
currently in the hands of Witnesses: Jehovah, as is: to: date of their Bible
blasphemous. an: ANY of the KNOWER: GREEK and: Hebrew, or an: any student
high school can unmask false TRANSLATIONS of the WITNESSES: JEHOVAH. These writings have arisen for: translations of the work of Johannes Greber, an: spiritualist medium. But since 1982, after having used those translations for: 26 years, of the Witnesses: Jehovah not being cited more medium Johannes Greber, because this is, evidently very embarrassing in the sense That, not: you can use spiritism That, is : the maximum for idolatry: translating the Bible. But everything That, is: success is: blasphemous, sacrilegious and: profane the truth about Jehovah, That doctrinal errors, and afflict today: curse of the Witnesses: Jehovah.
The Tower of: Guard, April 1, 1983, p. 31, says: "The Tower of: Guard has
not considered: appropriate to use of: a translation (TREASON) That has such
close relationships with: Spiritualism. "
But since 1956 of the Witnesses: Jehovah knows That, their translation of the: Bible
obtained thanks to Johannes Greber a spiritualist medium, is indisputable: the
That fact, their Bible is: an: text spiritistic blasphemous. In particular, the Witnesses of: Jehovah today deny: 1 - Deity of Christ;2 - the Eucharist as the sacrament of the real: the Body of Christ.But the sacrament of the Eucharist is: always been celebrated in all the apostolic communities as is: also attested by: At. 2, 42 - At. 20, 7, 1 Cor. 11, 20, etc. ...SONGS twisted and: YOUR MANY ARE DISTORTED OR SOME LOOK:a) - ungrammatical:
1 - Genesis 3, 1 "the serpent was more crafty" = | = "more cautious";
2 - Genesis 3, 6 "that the tree was good for food" = | =
"Longed for to the eyes."
b) - Translated dishonestly:
3 - Mt 26, 26 "" = | = "means" so reduce the BE of the: CREATOR with
the existence of creatures, much like elsewhere, "ego eimi" is the name of greek
God, that "I am" or "YHWH", = | = ma of Witnesses: Jehovah translated with: "I am
I "for: undermine the divinity of Jesus Christ.
4 - Lk. 22, 19-20 "is my body" = | = "means my body";
5 - The translation of "a god" is: made of Witnesses: Jehovah 6 times, while
should be unambiguously translated "God";
6 - Jn. 1, 1 "God" = | = "a god";
7 - Jn. 8, and 28: for: less than 13 times, says of Jesus: to be "Yahweh" and in fact in Jn. 8, 58
the Jews want to stone him for their own: this. In fact, in Jn. 10, 33 the Jews
claim: "You, That, you are a man, make yourself God"!
8 - John 10, 38: "the Father is, in me and: I am in the Father" = | = while the Witnesses of: Jehovah
"That know, the Father is: united to: me and I am in my Father";
9 - Jn. 11, 25-26 Jesus said, "I am the resurrection and: life";
10 - Jn. 14, 14 "If you ask anything in my name I will do it" = | = "if you
ask, "That here, for: magic disappears" me "that, instead is: well in the greek text.
11 - In Jn. 14, 7-9 Jesus affirms the unity with The Father "who has seen me has seen the
Father. "
12 - Acts 7: 59-60 Stefano is addressed to: Jesus as Lord, = | = but here the
translated Jehovah. But when the New Testament speaks of Lord this
often indicates the Lord Jesus (who is) Christ.
13 to 1 Cor. 11, 23-26 "is my body" = | = "means my body."
14 - Col. 1, 16-17 "because for: half of: him were all things created,
and in heaven: on earth, visible and: invisible
Thrones, dominions, principalities and: Powers. All things were created
half of: he and: in view of: him. He is: first of: all things and: in him all
there. "