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    [] my brothers Jehovah's Witnesses []: This is serious: that is, to have recourse to the courts or legal proceedings: on cases of conscience, that: have not been addressed before, personally, as the Word of God imposes at brothers: because, in that case do not try: the truth or charity, but: only want to do harm to the his neighbor! --ANSWER -- AGAiNST 666 imf, Life itself is: was completely corrupt: 1 - in its essence (morality), 2 - in his life (economy), 3 - in its spirituality (and materialism: Satanism). Ridiculous are, therefore: 1 - ALL institutions; 2 - ALL religions of the: world! Good Night humanity, because I'm for: return of my Father That sent me. 

Life itself is: was completely corrupt:
1 - in its essence (morality),
2 - in his life (economy),
3 - in its spirituality (and materialism: Satanism).
Ridiculous are, therefore:
1 - ALL institutions;
2 - ALL religions of the: world!
Good Night humanity, because I'm for: return of my Father That sent me.
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The confidences of: an: my dear friend and: CONNECT:
Of Secondary School: First Degree ******
Confidential Memorandum no. 588 ***, 02/02/09
Subject: Request of: clarification from Prof. **** - home
That you inform the SV, is: the writer received a notice from
parents of: I ° * That, That report, dated 17 January last, during the time of
religion, SV critiquing the religion of Witnesses: Jehovah's ...
creating conditions of: religious intolerance ... because the SV would
emphasized by the way ... when they knock on the door should be closed
the door in his face ... and: not: accept anything from them ....
The parents say That, the incident has put in serious embarrassment pupils,
not making use of the: Catholic religion were absent from class because
later, the same students were made the subject of ... injury ... from
part of the other.
Parents are also required: direct intervention of the: writing in class
to ensure pupils; That intervention, not: can not: preceded by
That clarification on the incident, the SV will reach the undersigned within seven
days of receipt of the: present.
The Headmaster
Prof. M *****
Subject: Reply to: VS Confidential Memorandum no. 588 *****, of the: 02/02/09.
(A) With regard to the behavior of the: Presidency:
1 - That I believe, for: opportunity, in the first instance, the dialogic education is not
should be done by isolating the components of the teacher: his class.
That I believe, and while accepting the Presidency: listening to parents, should
invite them to: deal with: That the teacher, is: the real head of the: action
and education: teaching. The teacher, in fact, not: is: certainly a component
That accessory, the Presidency or the parents can bypass or override. If
then, the result of: this approach should not: sortisse the expected outcomes and
elements of: disturbance persist, only then, the Presidency will have to
load of the: situation.
This is: - in my opinion - the correct procedure, otherwise you would commit
many abuses. But, what That would be more serious is: the debasement of their
That teaching function, losing credibility not: it would be more capable of: exercise
adequately its task, valuable educational resources to: give children a
our care should be irretrievably lost. We, the professionals
Institution School, we know how the activities of teaching and
educating both an: mystery, a divine art That, not: improvised but That, we
sees more of the pupils: and life: always at the service of the: next, actors and humble
always perfectible.
2 - That I understand, even the SV felt the need of: talk, passing
instead of the formal ways: in fact, through this confidential.
3 - I think, That, is an: and my right: an: my duty and reassure: clarify the
and schoolchildren: parents of: those facts, real or imagined, That, unfortunately learn
only to her in a casual way, and late: obviously extrapolated from
context. That fact certainly have been misled by the counterparty, That, already
qualifies for itself: the improper because of hasty reaction: use in
first instance directly to the presidency, bypassing the teacher. I believe that
this an: his speech, not: only not: it would be prudent, but it would
even harmful, because the ancestry That hurt, class 1, *
feeds to their teacher. That the report, the writer has with: class 1, * is
productive, peaceful and: even rewarding.
(B) With respect to my teaching INTRODUCTION:
1 ** - after 22 years of the writer: teaching not: it has an: new lessons from
issue, it is: changed its method of: teaching;
2 ** - a mother of Witness: Jehovah, the A. S. 2007/08 and wanted to know: thank me, because I used their audiovisual material on the Bible and, because valorizzavo
their religion, to the point That, while his son not: using formally
IRC, but he preferred to remain in the classroom during my lessons.
3 ** - in fact, the writer brings their Witnesses of: Jehovah, as a demonstration of
and existence: of the: of mercy: God Starting from their credible
witnesses, and conclude: I conclude publicly, like them, above
inconsistent and: Catholics were seriously unprepared and: variously afflicted,
but now as of Witnesses: Jehovah, and: not: only to: they say, actually lead a life
more orderly and: serene. Therefore I say to my students: If God blesses so much
the servants of the Witnesses: Jehovah, because they devote to compliance of the: of the book: the Bible,
the more we will be blessed us That we are children of God? In fact, for: Christians the Bible not: is: only an: holy book, but it is: the Word made flesh in the womb of: Maria. Therefore, the Bible Christians, through the Bible relate not: only with: an: book, but with: the same person Risorta of the Christ, That calls us to an: dynamic relationship with: him and through faith: the spirit
4 ** - the writer, has always attended, talked, worked and: undertaken
relationships with: all: and: without losing its identity, not: it is: never
subtracted to: an: civil confrontation. This has always pursued, including to: despite
any external evidence to the contrary because, for: ideological principle, believes
always productive of dialogue: which highlights always given positive
is certainly present in everyone. That is, the dialogue not: is: only a need
his ethics, but also: need, an: of debt: the recognition of: his faith.
This need of: talk is: so imperious in him (as in all: its
colleagues of Teachers: Religion) That, manages ****** for: this purpose.
5 ** - this need of: tolerance, and dialogue: respect for: all diversity, is born
by the same motivations of the: Christianity, That has generated the concepts
fundamental of the: person: uniqueness, freedom, equality, and: fraternity.
This awareness brings my category of: Teachers of: Religion, to offend rather
objectivity of the: information, concealment in part, That, not: the concept of
tolerance. In fact, the same difference That there is between democracy and: the
totalitarianism is: That almost always the same difference there between Christianity and
other religions, That, provide for: the more intolerance, discrimination and
violence when they are the majority. for: example not: That say, for: Witnesses of: Jehovah,
the sheep on the right hand of the Lord are just and: they alone, while all the
rest of mankind, without distinction, are the goats on the left, that is, those
That Gentiles, however, are inevitably destined to destruction. Its
of the opposite: That we Christians, we believe That, also, God and Good
intelligent, not: may reject those to: because of its values ​​has operated the
fine. So in fact, the angels sang to: Bethlehem: "Glory to God and: peace
of land to every man: good will. "
(C) With regard to the conduct of the: teaching unit:
The writer, is found in its functions and: this is about the program
That ministry, freedom of: teaching. However, an: further
deepening of the Witnesses: Jehovah in different classes, had been expressly requested
learners, to: reason of: a regrettable situation, perhaps unique in the territory
national, but That, however is precisely: in our neighborhood. This
situation, to: that of the students, see the Witnesses of: Jehovah, intrusive and: even if they receive
the denial of: an: adult member of the family, but there are persistent
return in his absence. In the specific case not: take more into account,
as they used those stickers That, Christians affix input
of their homes. That is, for: avoid the continual intervention of Witnesses: Jehovah, different
Catholics also apply: adhesive at the entrance of the: country, question of: a
That sacred image, reported this statement: WE ARE CATHOLICS, not: KNOCKS to: THIS DOOR. Of this: for, if elsewhere is: sufficient for the Witnesses of: Jehovah desist
the knock, but not: it would be so in our neighborhood. Furthermore, taking advantage
kindness, and sensitivity: sensitivity of: mind of: some exercise
engendering a form of psychological pressure: coercive embarrassing (engendering psychological subordination).
Question of: a delicate form and: sensitive of: human respect, That would lead the
Of Witnesses: Jehovah, to: That force situations, can cause disturbance and: awe
psychological, at least that is: what is: found in some cases.
It is this situation of: aches and generalized in our neighborhood: in
particular, the finding of confusion: some, has motivated the writer to a
determined grip of: position, That in him not: unprecedented. Requested his
intervention by the pupils, the teacher noted as of: in fact the condition of
could be regarded as generalized discomfort.
(D) In ​​relation to the contents of the: my teaching, I integrated my previous
lesson, explaining the two figures:
1 - FIRST DATA: the founder of the Witnesses: Jehovah,  And actually, they just
can not call themselves Christians, in fact, for: Witnesses of: Jehovah, Jesus really not: is: it real
man, and: even true God, in fact is: That the archangel Michael, walked on
earth in human form. Honestly, not: I could imagine, such as in particular
young students of the: 1, *, in the light of: this knowledge were so
concerned, much to ask an: acknowledgment of their fellow Witnesses: Jehovah, once
back in the classroom.