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@666 xyyzxyx ---voodoo cannibal: idiot, of a Satanist institutional, ie, an international criminal, the slave of Masonic and occult powers Bildenberg, that is, an idiot? then, youtube is not responsible for you! you did not even have the right to stay, on this page, also, because you never answer my questions! se, tu sei un satanista istituzionale, ie, an criminale internazionale, schiavo dei poteri occulti massonici e bildenberg, cioè, un imbecille? poi, youtube non è responsabile, per te! tu non hai neanche il diritto di stare in questa pagina, perché tu non rispondi mai alle mie domande!
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ANSA) - FLORENCE, MAY 9 - "The 'slave labor', as Pope Francis rightly called, was and is the result of the unbridled pursuit of profit Western and European companies(SpA, FED ECB IMF-NWO)," said Laura Boldrini, President of the Chamber, conference on the State of the Union, Rana Plaza factory in Bangladesh. For Boldrini there is "a tendency on the part of private enterprises around the world to leave the countries where the legislation on work and supervision of the State protect workers." - ANSWER - @ Laura Boldrini --- It is easy to make the moralist, and not see the beam: that: is in their eyes, where is our monetary sovereignty? to who, was sold: the people? because: it is the IMF that dictates the rules:of the game, and then, I reject your hypocrisy
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AREZZO, MAY 9 - A priest accused of molesting a 25-year old, has bargained, the penalty of two years. The priest appeared: this morning in front of the Gup: Piergiorgio Ponticelli. The facts date back more than a year ago, in a locality, the Casentino, where the priest was spending a holiday period with some, his parishioners. Against one of them, would have had sexual attention, resulted in a groping. This would have resulted in a quarrel, and the denunciation of the young. - ANSWER - @ PAPA Francis. --- Until, that, priests will not be given the opportunity to marry, to blame for these heinous acts, will always be, even yours!
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ANSA) - FIRENZE, 9 MAG - "Il 'lavoro schiavo', come Papa Francesco lo ha giustamente definito, era ed è il risultato della sfrenata ricerca di profitto delle aziende occidentali ed europee", ha detto: Laura Boldrini, presidente della Camera, alla conferenza sullo Stato dell'Unione, della fabbrica Rana Plaza in Bangladesh. Per Boldrini esiste "una tendenza, da parte delle imprese private in tutto il mondo a lasciare i Paesi dove la normativa in materia di lavoro e la vigilanza dello Stato proteggono i lavoratori". -- ANSWER -- @ Laura Boldrini--- È facile: fare il moralista, e non vedere la trave: che: è nei propri occhi, dove è la nostra sovranità monetaria? a chi è stato venduto il popolo? perché: è il FMI che detta le regole: del gioco, e quindi io respingo la tua ipocrisia

AREZZO, 9 MAG - Un sacerdote accusato, di aver molestato, un 25enne ha patteggiato, la pena di due anni. Il prete è comparso: stamani davanti al Gup: Piergiorgio Ponticelli. I fatti risalgono a più di un anno fa, in una località, del Casentino, dove il sacerdote stava trascorrendo, un periodo di vacanza con alcuni, suoi parrocchiani. Nei confronti di uno di loro, avrebbe avuto attenzioni sessuali, sfociate in un palpeggiamento. Da qui sarebbe scaturita, una lite, e la denuncia del giovane.--ANSWER - @PAPA Francesco. --- finché, ai preti non verrà data la possibilità di potersi sposare, la colpa per questi odiosi atti, sarà sempre, anche tua!
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Bonino calls on EU to look to founding fathers ([le nostre radici cristiane, non devono più essere tagliate: da traditori bilbenberg: del sistema massonico dei farisei del FMI! ma, San Francesco d'Assisi, San Benedetto, San Nicola di Bari, Santi Cirillo e Metodio, ecc.. sono le vere componenti della identità europea, nulla portrà sorgere di duraturo al di fuori di questo!]) 'We must rediscover fundamental values' says foreign minister. 09 May, [our Christian roots, should not be cut never more: by bilbenberg by traitors: the Masonic system of the Pharisees of the IMF! but, St. Francis of Assisi, St. Benedict, St. Nicholas of Bari, Saints Cyril and Methodius, etc. .. are the real components of European identity! is why this, UE:s is scam! ] (By Christopher Livesay) (ANSA) - Florence, May 9 - Italian Foreign Minister Emma Bonino on Thursday called on Europe to draw inspiration.
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[nos racines chrétiennes, ne doivent pas être coupés jamais plus: par bilbenberg par des traîtres: le système maçonnique des pharisiens du FMI! mais, saint François d'Assise, saint Benoît, saint Nicolas de Bari, Saints Cyrille et Méthode, etc .. sont les éléments réels de l'identité européenne! C'est pourquoi ce, UE: s est arnaque! ] from its founding fathers to fight the economic crisis and rediscover fundamental values. Bonino was speaking at a conference held in Florence on the state of the European Union. Referring to a crisis in "fundamental values", Bonino said there was growing intolerance, discrimination, support for xenophobic parties and a weakening of the rule of law "everywhere in Europe". "It is in our vital interest to react to this alarming trend," Bonino said forcefully while saying Europe had to "rediscover its mission".
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[unsere christlichen Wurzeln, sollte nicht geschnitten nie mehr werden: durch bilbenberg von Verrätern: die Freimaurer System der Pharisäer des IWF! aber, St. Franziskus von Assisi, St. Benedikt, St. Nikolaus von Bari, St. Cyrill und Methodius, etc. .. sind die realen Komponenten der europäischen Identität! ist, warum dies, UE: s ist Betrug! ] Bonino, an internationally respected ex-European commissioner, recalled the founding fathers of Europe who faced an "entire world full of prejudices and fear". She said they understood that it was "an illusion to try and ensure peace and security by constructing barriers and walls". The founding fathers "chose integration and rejected boundaries" and that is the route we should follow today, she said. President Giorgio Napolitano joined the debate with a written message
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[nuestras raíces cristianas, no deben ser nunca más corta: por bilbenberg por traidores: el sistema masónico de los fariseos del FMI! pero, San Francisco de Asís, San Benito, San Nicolás de Bari, los santos Cirilo y Metodio, etc .. son los componentes reales de la identidad europea? Es por esto, UE: s es estafa! ] that was read out at the conference held at Palazzo Vecchio, the site of Florence's town hall. He said he was convinced that Italy would "not miss giving its conviction and strong contribution to the issue of European unity according to the original federalist inspiration that characterised it". In his message Napolitano said there were "too many social and economic problems" in Europe today and the EU had "to respond to the new generations who were waiting". He said there had to be common policies to support economic recovery and employment.
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[our Christian roots, should not be cut never more: by bilbenberg by traitors: the Masonic system of the Pharisees of the IMF! but, St. Francis of Assisi, St. Benedict, St. Nicholas of Bari, Saints Cyril and Methodius, etc. .. are the real components of European identity! is why this, UE:s is scam! ] [nasze chrześcijańskie korzenie, nie powinny być cięte nigdy więcej: by bilbenberg przez zdrajców: masoński system faryzeuszy z MFW! ale, Święty Franciszek z Asyżu, św Benedykta, św Mikołaja z Bari, święci Cyryl i Metody, itp. .. są rzeczywiste składniki tożsamości europejskiej! Dlatego ten, UE: s jest oszustwo! ]

[tous les politiciens dans le système maçonnique 322, le seigneuriage bancaire sont des criminels et des traîtres de leur peuple, les fonctionnaires du pharisien Rothschild, 666 FMI-NWO. mais les juges ne peuvent pas faire un coup d'Etat contre la volonté du peuple, qui s'exprime dans l'urne.]. Rome, May 9 - Italy's National Magistrates Association on Friday said that political reactions to "single judicial decisions" are constituting a "dangerous delegitimization of the role of the judiciary in our democracy". On Wednesday, ex-premier Silvio Berlusconi's four-year sentence and ban from public office for five years was upheld by a Milan appeals court, sparking outrage by members of his People of Freedom (Pdl) party. PdL House Whip Renato Brunetta called the ruling "a disgusting outrage" motivated by politics.
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[alle Politiker in der Freimaurer-System 322, sind die Bank seigniorage Verbrecher und Verräter ihres Volkes, Diener der Pharisäer Rothschild, 666 FMI-NWO. aber die Richter können nicht einen Putsch gegen den Willen der Menschen, die in der Urne zum Ausdruck kommt.]. Berlusconi, who heads the center-right PdL party which is currently in government together with rival center-left Democratic Party (PD), has been involved in a series of high-profile legal cases in recent years, many of which saw new developments in the past few weeks. On Thursday, Naples prosecutors requested his indictment over bribe allegations. He is also on trial in Milan over accusations he paid for sex with an underage Moroccan dancer. He denies any wrongdoing and says this week's developments are part of a campaign by left-wing magistrates who are persecuting him for political reasons.

[all politicians in the Masonic system 322, the bank seigniorage are criminals and traitors of their people, servants of the Pharisee Rothschild, 666 FMI-NWO. but the judges can not do a coup against the will of people, that is expressed in the urn.]. These comments were mirrored by senior PdL lawmaker Fabrizio Cicchitto, who on Thursday said this week's Milan and Naples decisions had political, as well as judicial, bias. The center-right PdL has called for a demonstration in Brescia on Saturday in support of Berlusconi and against the judicial system that they allege is persecuting him. tutti i politici nel sistema massonico 322, del signoraggio bancario sono criminali, e traditori: dei loro popoli, servi del fariseo Rothschild, 666 FMI-NWO. ma, i giudici non possono fare: un golpe contro la volontà del popolo che si è espresso nell'urna.

[ @Italia, se la Francia ha depenalizzato il crimine: di non riconoscimento: del genocidio armeno, per amore della Turchia, anche, tu puoi uccidere questa innocente donna, infatti tu sei il satanista di un massone Bildenberg ] He flees from Riyadh: for: marry: to: Bari, arrested, faces extradition: and: worth: of: death. "To Italy ask: of: to protect me." The story of the Arab woman, daughter: of: an: noble: and: powerful lawyer close to the royal family, who fled from his country where he was held prisoner after the wedding: not: authorized. E 'was stopped a few days ago on the recommendation of Interpol: and: the ministry has: decided: of: confirm the precautionary measure.: Of: FRANCESCA LOMBARDI. The legal odyssey: of: a Saudi woman from a noble family of Riyadh.: Is: over: in: prison in Italy: for: four days after he escaped from Saudi Arabia: for: join her husband Italian.:

[@ Italy, though France has decriminalized: the crime of non-recognition: of the Armenian genocide, for the sake of Turkey, too, you can kill this innocent woman, in fact: you are a Satanist Freemason Bildenberg: criminal of IMF for banking seigniorage] and: now risks: of: to be extradited.: is: this is the incredible story: of: a young woman of 35 years: that: we shall call Sarah, graduated: in: English literature, was born: to: London : and: belonging to a noble family: of: Riyadh close to the Saudi royal family. Tall, thin: and: with: dark complexion, eyes: to: almond, delicate features, Sarah: is: a beautiful woman: and: intelligent, determined: to: remain: in: Italy: and: to: to assert their rights. The story: is: very delicate,: and: for: this is why the woman prefers to remain anonymous. Sarah: that: in 2008: has: married: an: Puglia: is: was arrested in recent days: in: Emilia Romagna on the recommendation of Interpol,

[@ Fransa decriminalised olmasına rağmen İtalya,: tanınmaması suçunun: Ermeni soykırımının, Türkiye uğruna, çok, aslında, bu masum kadını öldürür: Ceza IMF için: Bir Satanist mason Bildenberg olan bankacılık senyoraj] after expatriate: with: passport: of: a friend. "I: and: my husband we met in 2004: and: we fell in love," she says. "His kindness, his respect, his being romantic, along with his proud and regal appearance, have made me understand immediately: that: it was the man of my life: and: that: I wanted to be: with: him: to: any cost. " The two get married: in: Egypt, after: that: the girl has: unsuccessfully sought: of: to convince his father to accept the marriage. But after a few days before the wedding, is reported: in Saudi Arabia against his will. "My father is: an: important lawyer of Riyadh,: and: not: has: never accepted my marriage: with: an: man: that: not: Saudi belong to the nobility.

[@ Italien, obwohl Frankreich hat entkriminalisiert: das Verbrechen der Nicht-Anerkennung: Völkermord an den Armeniern, im Interesse der Türkei, kann auch dich töten diese unschuldige Frau, in der Tat: Sie sind ein Satanist Freimaurer Bildenberg: Verbrecher IWF Banking seigniorage]: In: a few hours I found myself : in: Airport: to: Riyadh, where: an: official: has: delivered: to: my passport, my father, telling him: of: to secure it,: for: block any attempt: of: escape from me. " Sarah: is: forced: to: remain: in: Saudi Arabia: for: in addition: an: year: in a situation: of: total isolation. "Been is an: year full: of: suffering.: An: year without being able to see my husband. 'House my parents had become my prison. My father said that: I was lucky because: not: I had killed her, threatening : of: death, if only I had tried: of: to act even against his will.
[@ Италии, хотя Франция декриминализировало: преступление непризнания: Геноцида армян, ради Турции, также, вы можете убить эту невинную женщину, на самом деле: вы сатанист масоном Bildenberg: преступник МВФ банковские сеньораж]" Meanwhile, the woman's husband contact different organizations: for: Human Rights. The British Embassy: to: Riyadh, given: that Sarah: is: born in the UK, releases: in: a few days the British passport. "Document: of: Travel is: was useful: for: to Rome, but I had to use the Saudi passport from my friend lent me: for: escape from my country." As a citizen Arabia: with: dual nationality: not: the fact was possible to leave the Saudi kingdom: with: a British passport.

[@ Italia, aunque Francia ha despenalizado: el delito de denegación del reconocimiento: el genocidio armenio, por el bien de Turquía, también, que puede matar a esta mujer inocente, de hecho: usted es un satanista masón Bildenberg: criminales de FMI banca señoreaje]"I have to thank my friend,: for: to have decided: of: help me. I was forced to use his papers because I was desperate, my father said that: I would have returned the passport only after you have had: an: from son ' man: that: he had chosen: for: me.: and: not: there is no law or judge in Saudi Arabia: that: protect women. " In 2009, finally reached her husband: in Puglia, the woman receives new threats by the father. "It began: to: terrorize saying that: I would have reported: in Saudi Arabia through Interpol,: and: that: I would put: in: prison: for: to be escaped using the passport of: another person.

[@ फ्रांस decriminalized है, हालांकि इटली,: गैर मान्यता की अपराध: अर्मेनियाई नरसंहार की, तुर्की की खातिर, भी, तुम वास्तव में, यह निर्दोष महिला को मार सकता है: आपराधिक आईएमएफ के लिए: यदि आप एक Satanist संगतराश Bildenberg हैं बैंकिंग प्रभुत्व]" Sarah: is: more and more frightened: and: decide: of: ask for help to the Italian authorities. "In April 2010, I filed a complaint to the Police of the town of Puglia: in: where I live, telling the whole story: and: asking them: of: to protect me." In 2011, given: that: the religious marriage: in: Egypt: not: is: accepted as valid by the Italian authorities, the couple get married also: in: Italy.

[@ Italie, si la France a dépénalisé: le crime de non-reconnaissance: le génocide arménien, pour le bien de la Turquie, aussi, vous pouvez tuer cette femme innocente, en fait: vous êtes un sataniste franc-maçon Bildenberg: criminel de FMI pour banque seigneuriage] A few days ago, the arrest: in: Emilia Romagna: for: document fraud. "I was: in: hotel: with: my husband, where I presented my British passport.: For: this have been recognized: and: arrested since: that: I was clearly signaled by Interpol." After four days: of: custody, 26 to 30 April, the President of the Court of Appeal ordering its release, however, by requiring: of: not: leave the city: of: residence. "Today (yesterday, 6 May): is: received news that: the Ministry of Justice: is: delivery of the request: of: maintaining a precautionary measure," says the lawyer of Sarah, Simon Trombley.

[@ 프랑스 ​​비범죄화 가지고 있지만 이탈리아 : 비 인식의 범죄 : 아르메니아 대량 학살, 터키 위해서를, 너무, 당신은 사실이 무고한 여성을 죽일 수 : 범죄 IMF의 경우 : 당신은 사타 니스트 프리메이슨 Bildenberg 있습니다 은행 군주의 특권] "This decision: not: it was quite obvious,: not: as these: of: an: act of duty on the part of the minister,: that: well could have, as of now, give: an: political signal: of: proximity to the reasons expressed by the woman. Instead, the attitude taken surprisingly prelude to the evaluation: of: not: oppose the request: of: Extradition: that: is: was already announced by Saudi Arabia. If the ministry will follow-up question: of: Extradition - says the lawyer - it can happen: that: she is delivered to the Saudi authorities,: with: the very serious consequences that: this entails. "

[@意大利,雖然法國已經合法化:不承認犯罪:亞美尼亞大屠殺,土耳其的緣故,也可以殺死這個無辜的女人,其實你是一個撒旦教洪門Bildenberg:刑事國際貨幣基金組織銀行鑄幣稅] Although: not: there is: an: treated: of: extradition between Saudi Arabia: and: Italy, there is thus a real danger: that: the international influence of the Saudi Kingdom can play: to: down: of Sarah, based on the so-called "comity" between states. "I was arrested: and: put: in: prison has: Sarah-stressed captured as a delinquent any. All'Italia ask instead: of: protect,: and: of: to protect my rights, because if I were to be given in my country, risk a conviction: to: death: for: marrying: an: man against the will: of: my father. ":

[@ إيطاليا، على الرغم من فرنسا وتجريم: جريمة عدم الاعتراف: من الإبادة الجماعية للأرمن، من أجل تركيا، أيضا، أنت يمكن أن تقتل هذه المرأة بريئة، في الواقع: كنت شيطانية الماسوني Bildenberg: الجنائية من صندوق النقد الدولي لل المصرفية رسوم سك العملات] in Saudi Arabia, in fact, the wedding: of: a woman without paternal consent: not: is: considered valid: and: can be dissolved. "If I were to be forced: to: return: to: Riyadh: not:'ll never see my husband: that: I love infinitely, I will lose my freedom: and: my dignity: of: woman, and, in the worst case, my own life. " (7 May 2013)

Moscow, the communist flags on the Day of Victory. Published: 09 May, - ANSWER - WHAT VICTORY: can be 100.milioni of deaths, in Gulag, that is, all the prisons and camps scattered along the Soviet history, of these 40 million of deaths, were Christian martyrs .. and then everybody knows, communism is an invention of the Pharisees of the IMF, in an mode: to be anti Christian! God bless: Putin and Russia Christian instead! Mosca, le bandiere comuniste nel Giorno della Vittoria. Pubblicato il: 09 maggio, -- ANSWER -- QUALE VITTORIA: può essere 100.milioni di morti, nei Gulag, cioè, tutte le prigioni e i campi sparsi lungo la storia sovietica, di questi 40 milioni erano martiri cristiani.. e poi lo sanno tutti, il comunismo è una invenzione dei farisei del FMI, in chiave anti cristiana! Dio benedica: Putin e la Russia cristiana, invece!

@ ARAB League --- SANAA, MAY 9 - Two Finnish citizens: e: an Austrian abducted in Yemen last December, were released at the border with: Oman by men of a tribe and handed over to the authorities of the country. The authorities said: Yemeni, according to which'' the three former hostages freed in the night between Wednesday and Thursday, are currently assisted by the authorities of Oman''. The three were seized by militants affiliated to: al-Qaeda, while, they were in an electronics shop in Sanaa. - ANSWER - when can end your curse? disappears, also when the Sharia: disappears. But, then, your curse will end, also, if we go to world war!! but, Islam will go lost forever!

@Lega ARABA --- SANAA, 9 MAG - Due cittadini finlandesi: e: un austriaco rapiti in Yemen lo scorso dicembre, sono stati liberati alla frontiera: con: l'Oman da uomini di una tribù e consegnati alle autorità del paese. Lo riferiscono le autorità: yemenite, secondo cui ''i tre ex ostaggi, liberati nella notte, tra, mercoledì e giovedì, sono attualmente assistiti dalle autorità dell'Oman''. I tre sarebbero stati sequestrati, da miliziani affiliati, ad: al Qaida, mentre si trovavano in un negozio di elettronica a Sanaa. -- ANSWER -- quando potrà finire la vostra maledizione? quando abolirete la Sharia, allora, la vostra maledizione finirà se andiamo alla guerra mondiale? l'Islam andrò perduto per sempre!

(ANSAmed) - ROME, MAY 9 - The United States is ready to work with the new Italian government on all aspects, both economic and in the security field. This was stated by U.S. Secretary of State, John Kerry, during a press conference at the Foreign Ministry. '' We look forward to working with you,'' he said, stating that it be'' happy to be back in Italy, especially for a meeting with the new Minister of Foreign Affairs, Emma Bonino. To her, with Obama, I want to give our most sincere congratulations.'' - ANSWER - but, in the picture of the bottom?, It seems as if they are in a chapel of the cemetery! Bildengerg these Masons, the Masonic system of bank seigniorage, all their occult powers? they scare me! God have mercy on us and bless us, monsters on his face blessed us and grant us his peace

(ANSA) - ROMA, 9 MAG - Gli Usa sono pronti a collaborare con il nuovo governo italiano su tutti gli aspetti, sia economici che nel campo della sicurezza. Lo ha affermato il segretario di Stato Usa, John Kerry, in conferenza stampa alla Farnesina. ''Siamo impazienti di lavorare con voi'', ha detto precisando di essere ''contento di tornare in Italia, specialmente per un incontro con il nuovo ministro degli Esteri, Emma Bonino. A lei, con Obama, voglio dare le nostre più sentite congratulazioni''. -- ANSWER -- ma, nella foto di fondo?, sembra come se, loro sono in una cappella del cimitero! questi massoni Bildengerg, del sistema massonico del Signoraggio bancario, tutti i loro poteri occulti? mi fanno paura!

Dio abbia pietà di noi e ci benedica, mostri su di noi il suo volto beato e ci doni la sua pace

Benjamin Netanyahu - and I do not know, for: what people, I have to cry: first, because the wonderful family, of the human race, has been given: to Satan, in this way? I'll start to cry, for the most unlucky of all people, the Jewish people! though: Moses, Solomon and David, understood the threat, they were helpless: to save their people from cancer of the Pharisees, which is why the voice of the prophets, that, YHWH had sent, was drowned out by the voice of the Talmud. that is, by those rabbis, who were made call: themselves: "My Lord, my master" (cf.:. Talmud) Just the Pharisee rabbi, who proposed himself, as the good shepherd of his people, and instead: for the inordinate, thirst for power, drove, second, a science satanic, so docile, the people, of the Jews, meekly, along, with, all other peoples, for: the only Holocaust, which is why, actually, of course, were to love naturally: one, with: each other (the civilization: the Jewish-Christian), you are not, ever, been able to love.
xyyzxyx 666 cannibal institutional international, occult power CIA IMF NWO --- "becouse?"

Benjamin Netanyahu - ed, io non so, per quale popolo, io devo piangere: prima, perché, la meravigliosa famiglia, del genere umano, è stata data: a satana: in questo modo? inizierò a piangere: per il più sfortunato: di tutti i popoli, il popolo ebraico! anche se: Mosé: Salomone e Davide: capirono la minaccia, essi furono impotenti: a salvare il loro popolo, dal cancro dei farisei, ecco perché, la voce dei profeti, che, JHWH, aveva mandato, fu soffocata dalla voce del Talmud. cioè, da quei rabbini, che, si facevano: chiamare:"mio Signore, mio padrone"(cfr:.Talmud) Proprio di quel rabbino fariseo, che, proponeva se stesso, come il buon pastore del suo popolo, ed invece: per la smisurata sete di potere, guidava, secondo, una scienza satanica, in maniera docile, il popolo degli ebrei, docilmente, insieme a tutti gli altri popoli, all'unico Olocausto, ecco perché, realtà, che, naturalmente, dovevano amarsi (le civiltà: ebraico-cristiana), non si sono, mai, potuti amare.
 Benjamin Netanyahu - chi ha permesso, ha pianificato, che, questo cancro islamico, si sia così, esteso su oltre 50 nazioni, mentre, con i suoi tentacoli si stia: infiltrando: in altre 15 nazioni: infettando tutta l'Africa, l'Asia, ecc? quel criminale: internazionale: del Re dell'Arabia Saudita? lui pensa, che, sia stato, il suo satanAllah Dio, mentre, in realtà, sono stati sempre i farisei, che, come ieri: loro hanno reso potente: i nazismi ed i fascismi, oggi, invece, per rigenerare: il loro FMI (parassitario e devitalizzante: di una doneta creata dal nulla e presta ad interesse e debito per un costo del 270-5, del suo valore) hanno bisogno: di un potente califfato mondiale, per poter fare, una più devastante guerra mondiale, che, si possa pensare! e poiché, gli islamisti, hanno fatto, il genocidio: di: 50 popoli precedenti, poi, per poterli fermare: veramente, anche noi dobbiamo pianificare: il loro genocidio su scala mondiale: necessariamente!

Benjamin Netanyahu --- nobody could say, "that people, Nation: is criminal!" because this: it is a crime of: genocide too serious! That's why, the Pharisees: held within: the Jewish people,have the same role, that, the Islamists play: in the people of the Muslims, who, then, is the same role that the Nazis, were, among, the German people! all of them are all one breed of the devil: the power of darkness! countless human tragedies provoked by malicious words in which it was said: "This is the word of god"--- mai nessuno potrebbe dire: "quel popolo è criminale!" perché, questo: è un delitto: di: genocidio troppo grave! ecco perché, i farisei svolgono, all'interno del popolo ebraico, lo stesso ruolo, che, gli islamisti svolgono: nel popolo dei musulmani, che, poi, è lo stesso ruolo: che: i nazisti avevano nel popolo tedesco! tutti loro sono tutti una sola genia del diavolo: il potere delle tenebre!

infinite tragedie umane, suscitate da parole maligne a cui è stato detto: "questa è la parola di dio"

Benjamin Netanyahu --- the world might not know: a superior civilization: to the Jewish-Christian civilization, and yet: it is powerless, it can not alone, save from their tragic fate, either: the Palestinians, that: Muslims, who, by reason of: their: demonic, satanic criminal, Nazi religion, are an ruthless imperialism, provides the concept of dhimmi, of: a worldwide caliphate: genocide, which will not leave the world, another perspective, than, that of a total war that the Islamists are sure to win, because we do not have the culture of genocide and ethnic cleansing, that, they have .. here, because, if the Arab League does not remove, the Sharia: all over the world, we have no possibility to integrate, ourselves, to be able to live in contact with a nation Islamized. but, who has planned all this evil, it was not Muhammad, but, were the Pharisees, with their Kabbalah
Sharia is the logic of genocide] 8 MAY - After capture, by a group of Syrian rebels, four blue helmets, Filipino UN, the United Nations decided to withdraw their observers deployed the Golan Heights, along the line of demarcation between, Syria and the areas occupied by Israel since the 1967 war. '' Fierce raid in Nigeria: 55 Killed cops: Gunmen: the Islamist group Boko Haram have carried out the massacre --- ANSWER - Nusra Front group Al Qaeda, Al Qaeda, Islamists, Salafis, Boko Haram, etc. .. their plan, is an imperialist action, which is aimed, to the interests of the Arab League and its worldwide Caliphate, the mentality ruthless than 1400 years, for the Salafi Islamists has not changed! today they are a threat to all mankind absolute, since, their intolerance NAZI, is such that it destroys any other form of diversity.

[Sharia, è la logica del genocidio]8 MAG - Dopo la cattura, da parte, di un gruppo di ribelli siriani, di quattro caschi blu, filippini dell'Onu, le Nazioni Unite: hanno deciso di ritirare, i propri osservatori: dispiegati sulle alture del Golan, lungo la linea di demarcazione, fra, la Siria e le zone occupate da Israele: fin dalla guerra del 1967. '' Feroce raid in Nigeria: Uccisi 55 poliziotti: Uomini armati: del gruppo integralista islamico Boko Haram: hanno compiuto la strage --- ANSWER -- gruppo qaedista Nusra, Al Quaeda, Islamisti, salafiti, Boko Haram, ecc.. loro PIANIFICANO, una azione imperialista, che è finalizzata, agli interessi della Lega Araba e del suo Califfato mondiale, la mentalità spietata di 1400 anni, per i salafiti islamisti: non è cambiata! oggi sono una minaccia assoluta per tutto il genere umano, poiché, la loro intolleranza, è tale che distrugge qualsiasi altra forma di diversità.
LorenzoJHWH Unius REI
xyyzxyx son Merkel, cannibal voodoo, to do 200.000 human sacrifice, on altair of satana, god owl: at bohemian grove, occult power, Bildenberg, IMF NWO, FED ECB talmud agenda for destroy Israele-- beast of Satan, I'm democratic values​​, I never deleting cumments

Morsi said: "because the Turks did the Armenian genocide and not us?" [Because no one Say That I have been silent When They needed me.] News by Country [rogue]: Afghanistan, Algeria, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Bolivia Burma China, Colombia Cuba Dagestan, Eastern Europe and Eurasia, Egypt Eritrea, Ethiopia Honduras India Indonesia Iran Iraq Israel Kenya Laos, Malaysia, Maldives, Mauritania Mexico Morocco, Nepal, Nigeria, North Korea, Other Other Africa, Other Asia, Other Latin America, Other Middle East, Pakistan, Palestinian Territories, Peru, Philippines, Saudi Arabia, Somalia, Sri Lanka, Sudan, Tajikistan, Tanzania, Turkey, Turkmenistan, Uganda, Uzbekistan, Vietnam, Yemen .. cursed children of the devil

05/08/2013. [[EGYPT: Morsi appoints nine Islamists to key ministries, and is the final genocide of the Copts, Morsi said: "because the Turks did the Armenian genocide and not us?"]] The controversial decision is met with criticism, including from the president's Salafist allies. Justice, Economy and Finance ministries are among the departments reshuffled. For the first time, the Ministry of Antiquities will be run by an expert in Islamic culture, and by not an archaeologist. Journalist André Azzam talks about the first effects of the Islamisation of government. Ordinary Egyptians increasingly hate Morsi. Cairo (AsiaNews) - Justice, culture, economy and religion are key areas now under the direct or indirect control of the Muslim Brotherhood. Yesterday, President Mohamed Morsi presented the members of his new cabinet, giving nine ministries to figures affiliated with the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP),

[[EGYPT: Morsi appoints nine Islamists to key ministries, and is the final genocide of the Copts, Morsi said: "because the Turks did the Armenian genocide and not us?"]] including Finance, Investment, Justice and Culture. Hisham Kandil, a technocrat, remains prime minister. The new ministers were sworn in at the presidential palace. The cabinet shuffle has proven controversial though. Pro-democracy parties and secularist groups view the new cabinet as further proof of the Muslim Brotherhood consolidating its hold on power. Unexpectedly, several pro-government Salafist MPs also criticised the president's action, calling it a partisan cabinet with a technocratic veneer. In an interview with AsiaNews, Egyptian journalist André Azzam said that the president chose the new cabinet members for their loyalty, not their abilities. "He wants to change the country," 

[[EGYPT: Morsi appoints nine Islamists to key ministries, and is the final genocide of the Copts, Morsi said: "because the Turks did the Armenian genocide and not us?"]] he said, "but until now has only been able to boost hatred against himself among ordinary Egyptians." The Finance portfolio went to Fayyad Abdel-Moneim, a specialist in Islamic finance and a member of the Freedom and Justice Party. Yehia Hamed, the new Investment minister, is a prominent Brotherhood member. Ahmed Suleiman, who is close to the Islamist movement, gets the Justice Ministry, replacing Ahmed Mekky, who criticised the president's plan to reform the justice system, and retire 13,000 judges, including the presidents of the Supreme Court and the Constitutional Court. According to Azzam, the Muslim Brotherhood plans to take over culture as well, gradually.

[[EGYPT: Morsi appoints nine Islamists to key ministries, and is the final genocide of the Copts, Morsi said: "because the Turks did the Armenian genocide and not us?"]] In fact, Morsi appointed Ahmed Eissa Ahmed, an expert on Islamic and Coptic culture, as minister of Antiquities. This goes against the long-established practice of appointing internationally recognised intellectuals and archaeological experts to the department. "The story that is being written is an old one," Azzam said. "Like in other places, the Muslim Brotherhood wants to places its members everywhere, especially in government, in order to rule even if they should lose political support." In recent months, Morsi's changes are having their first disruptive effects. The most striking example is the resignation of Mazhar Shaheen, the imam of Omar Makram Mosque on Tahrir Square.

[[EGYPT: Morsi appoints nine Islamists to key ministries, and is the final genocide of the Copts, Morsi said: "because the Turks did the Armenian genocide and not us?"]] He was a leading figure in the Arab Spring of 2011 and was well liked by the Protestant community with whom he had close ties of friendship. However, he was forced out of office last month by an order of the Religious Affairs Ministry. Shaheen was removed against the wishes of Ahmed al-Tayeb, grand imam of Al-Azhar, who has always been critical of President Morsi and the Islamist establishment. In recent months, the grand imam and other members of al-Azhar University have also come under attack in the media over alleged food poisoning of 500 students at the Islamic institution. (S.C.)

05/08/2013 VATICAN. Pope: the Holy Spirit tells us that God loves us "like a father" At the general audience, Francis speaks of the Third Person of the Trinity, "an inexhaustible source of God's life in us", "living water" promised in abundance and forever by Jesus, and guides us on the path of love, mercy and forgiveness. "Do we act according to God? Or do we let ourselves be guided by so many other things that are not really God?" is the question everyone should answer in their heart. Church must build bridges and not walls, must listen to everyone, even those who are distant. During morning Mass, Francis recalls, "when as a child one would hear in Catholic families, in my family, 'No, we cannot go to their house, because they are not married in the Church, eh!'. It was as an exclusion. No, you could not go! Neither could we go to [the houses of] socialists or atheists. Now, thank God, people do not says such things, right? [Such an attitude] LORD made bridges".
08 May, [Archbishop Scola speaks out against blasphemy laws. 'A litmus test for religious freedom'] [[ against WorldWide Caliphate NAZI Sharia]] (ANSA) - Milan, May 8 - Milan Archbishop Angelo Scola on Wednesday spoke out against blasphemy laws in the world in order to protect religious freedom. "In those countries still dominated by state religion...protecting religious freedom means above all encouraging religious pluralism and opening to all forms of religious expression, for example eliminating laws that criminally punish blasphemy," said Scola.

08 May, [Archbishop Scola speaks out against blasphemy laws. 'A litmus test for religious freedom'] [[ against WorldWide Caliphate NAZI Sharia]]The cardinal, once considered a favorite to become pope, was speaking at a conference devoted to the Roman emperor Constantine, whose Edict of Milan in 313 decriminalized Christianity. His words come just two days after Islamists in the capital of Bangladesh clashed with police, leaving at least 29 dead, over demands that included making "insulting Islam" punishable by death. Scola promoted "the values of healthy secularism" that allows for all religious expression. In turn, he warned the west away from its "inherent distrust" of religion. "The practice of religious freedom is a true litmus test of the degree of civilization of a society," he said.

Usa: amichetto spara, muore bimbo. Aveva 6 anni. A ucciderlo, con arma dei genitori, compagno di 4 -- ANSWER -- NON POTETE AFFRONTARE QUESTA PROBLEMATICA con EMOTIVità! PERCHÉ, CON I POTERI occulti e MASSONICI del SIGNORAGGIO bancario (666, 322) il popolo non può essere disarmato. si deve imporre un armadio blindato, dove custodire le armi, ma, avere armi è una prerogativa del popolo sovrano

Benjamin Netanyahu -- have pity on all these monsters, religious maniacs, terrorists, monsters, criminals, liars, unthankful, slanderers, hypocrites, murderers, mass murderers, enemies of God and of all mankind? means spit on the blood of our children, that are become all martyrs, for our fault! So, what you need to do? do it soon! avere pietà di questi mostri, maniaci religiosi, terroristi, mostri, criminali, bugiardi, ingrati, calunniatori, ipocriti, assassini, sterminatori, nemici di Dio e di tutto il genere umano? significa sputare sul sangue dei nostri figli, diventati tutti martiri, per colpa nostra! allora, quello che tu devi fare? fallo presto!

[[] May the truth prevail. the Arab League, and his IMF NWO CIA 666, are worse than the Nazis]] Where Dhimmis raise their voice of protest by exposing the truth about our Dhimmification. under the tyranny of Islamic Aggression and Political Correctness. IT IS LONG PAST time to bring the world's attention to a global scandal. Dhimmitude is the status that Islamic law, the Sharia, mandates for non-Muslims, primarily Jews and Christians. Dhimmis, "protected people," are free to practice their religion in a Sharia regime, but are made subject to a number of humiliating regulations designed to enforce the Qur'an's command that they "feel themselves subdued" (Sura 9:29). This denial of equality of rights and dignity remains part of the Sharia, and, as such, are part of the legal superstructure that global jihadists are laboring to restore everywhere in the Islamic world, and wish ultimately to impose on the entire human race.

[[] May the truth prevail. the Arab League, and his IMF NWO CIA 666, are worse than the Nazis]] If dhimmis complained about their inferior status, institutionalized humiliation, or poverty, their masters voided their contract and regarded them as enemies of Islam, fair game as objects of violence. Consequently, dhimmis were generally cowed into silence and worse. It was almost unheard-of to find dhimmis speaking out against their oppressors; to do so would have been suicide. For centuries dhimmi communities in the Islamic world learned to live in peace with their Muslim overlords by acquiescing to their subservience. Some even actively identified with the dominant class, and became strenuous advocates for it. Spearheaded by dhimmi academics and self-serving advocacy groups, that same attitude of chastened subservience has entered into Western academic study of Islam,

[[] May the truth prevail. the Arab League, and his IMF NWO CIA 666, are worse than the Nazis]] and from there into journalism, school textbooks, and the popular discourse. One must not point out the depredations of jihad and dhimmitude; to do so would offend the multiculturalist ethos that prevails everywhere today. To do so would endanger chances for peace and rapprochement between civilizations all too ready to clash. But in this era of global terrorism it must be said: this silence, this distortion, has become deadly. Before 9/11 it was easy to ignore and whitewash dhimmitude, but the atrocities changed the situation forever. In jihads throughout history, untold millions have died. Tens of millions have been uprooted from their homes. Tens of millions have been stripped of their cultural identity.

[[] May the truth prevail. the Arab League, and his IMF NWO CIA 666, are worse than the Nazis]] To continue to gloss over the destruction wrought by jihad ideology and its attendant evil of dhimmitude is today to play into the hands of jihadists, who have repeatedly vowed to dhimmify the West and destroy any recalcitrant elements. While jihadist groups, even with their global diffusion, are not strong enough to realize this goal by themselves, they have a potent and destructive ally, a genuine fifth column, in the dhimmi academics and dhimmi journalists they have recruited in the West. They have succeeded in confusing millions in the West into mistaking honesty and truthfulness for bigotry, and self-defense for oppression. Before it's too late for Western Europe and the United States, which gave birth to the traditions of freedom and equality of rights for all that shine today as lights in the entire world, this must be stopped.

[[] May the truth prevail. the Arab League, and his IMF NWO CIA 666, are worse than the Nazis]] Therefore Dhimmi Watch seeks to bring public attention to: The plight of the dhimmis, an immense but almost completely ignored ongoing scandal that continues in Muslim countries today; The plight of women under Sharia provisions, similar to conditions imposed on dhimmis, in the denial of equal rights and dignity; Slavery in Islamic lands, which continues today, justified by Sharia-'s dhimmi codes; the integral role of jihad and dhimmitude ideology in global terrorism today; The license that academic and journalistic whitewashes of dhimmitude gives to radical jihadist enemies of human rights for all. We join Dhimmi Watch in the fight to ensure that deeds done in the darkness for so long will not continue to be done.

[[] May the truth prevail. the Arab League, and his IMF NWO CIA 666, are worse than the Nazis]] The light of world attention is anathema to the proponents of jihad and dhimmitude: we have seen in recent years that women sentenced to stoning for adultery, often victims of rape unjustly accused thanks to Sharia laws disallowing rape victims' testimony, were freed following international outcry. Dhimmi Watch will seek to provoke similar, continuous and increasing outcry wherever and whenever the Sharia's institutionalized injustices threaten dhimmis and women.

@Abu Antar islamist jihad sharia caliphate worldwide dhimmi -- "dhimmi"? what is dhimmi ?

[i am UNIUS REI] I have sworn upon the Throne of God, what one has chosen as its symbol, too: what should be: his fate. the evil that he wanted, against the other person, will fall on his body? is the same evil, that must be: in him, along with his children! this is the law of blood, in fact, I Unius REI, I am the law of retaliation! my jurisdiction is universal, is an jurisdiction eternal! io ho giurato sul Trono di Dio, quello che uno ha scelto come suo simbolo, anche: quello dovrà essere: il suo destino. il male che ha voluto agli altr? è lo stesso male che dovranno subire lui, insieme ai suoi figli! questa è la legge del sangue, infatti, io Unius REI, io sono la legge del taglione! la mia giurisdizione è una giurisdizione universale ed eterna!

666 yogabro CIA IMF 322, NWO, masonic system: Bildenberg, occult power, FED ECB god owl Baal at Bohemian Grove, gay marriage --- because you like the blood on your face? then, the blood will never depart from your life!

@ King Saudi Arabia - ugly beast, you make us cry, at least, on the bodies of bishops and priests, that you have given orders to slaughter! @Re Arabia Saudita -- brutta bestia, tu fai piangere noi, almeno, sui cadaveri dei vescovi e dei preti, che, tu hai dato ordine di sgozzare!

05/08/2013 [SYRIA: Chechen terrorists: they avenged the attack: of: Boston: OBAMA and CIA are international criminals: the accomplices Satanists, the Nazis of the ARAB LEAGUE] Silence still shrouds kidnapped Orthodox prelates. Bishop of Aleppo: We're groping in the dark For Msgr. Jeanbart the act is inexplicable. The only certain thing is that no one knows where Msgr. Yohanna Ibrahim and Msgr. Boulos Yaziji are. Money, food, school, and spiritual comfort for the people of Aleppo plagued by war, famine and despair. Moscow and Washington seek a path of dialogue between rebels and regime. Aleppo (AsiaNews) - Silence still shrouds the plight of the Orthodox Bishops kidnapped on April 22 on the outskirts of Aleppo. For weeks, the Greek-orthodox Patriarchate has been trying to establish contacts to start a negotiation and cannot understand the reasons behind the act,

05/08/2013 [SYRIA: Chechen terrorists: they avenged the attack: of: Boston: OBAMA and CIA are international criminals: the accomplices Satanists, the Nazis of the ARAB LEAGUE]which remains unexplained. Interviewed by AsiaNews, Mgr. Jeanclement Jeanbart, the Greek-Melkite Archbishop of Aleppo, said that "we are groping in the dark", "the situation - he explains - is very delicate, for safety reasons the Orthodox Patriarchate is keeping quiet to avoid generating false news." For the prelate, the only thing certain is that no one knows where Msgr. Yohanna Ibrahim and Msgr. Boulos Yaziji and the two priests kidnapped in February are. "We Catholics - he adds - are close to our Orthodox brothers and sisters, with prayer and with our constant physical and moral presence."

05/07/2013 SYRIA - UN UN falters on attributing use of chemical weapons by rebels The UN Commission of Inquiry on War Crimes confirms that you have not reached any " definitve conclusions " on who used prohibited weapons. The media had given value to concluding statements of Commissioner Carla Dal Ponte against the rebels.05/07/2013 EGYPT The first hotel that conforms to Sharia opens on Egypt's Red Sea One of the leading hotels in a resort town loved by British and Russian tourists conforms to conservative Islamic precepts. For the inn's manager, Islamists can "better express themselves" now that men and women are segregated, booze is banned and photos of Shakira and Elvis Presley have been removed.

05/07/2013 CHINA [if this article is ignored, world war can not be avoided]. [Supreme Court Justice calls for a stop to political rulings because they will destroy us ].. In a published article, the executive vice president of China's highest court says that "It's preferable to release someone wrongfully, than convict someone wrongfully. If we continue like this, we will have to face one of the biggest challenges to the legitimacy of our legal system. The courts should be independent from the Party." Beijing (AsiaNews) - Chinese courts "should rule based on actual evidence. It's preferable to release someone wrongfully, than convict someone wrongfully. If we continue like this, we will have to face one of the biggest challenges to the legitimacy of our legal system," said Shen Deyong, executive vice-president of the Supreme People's Court, and not some run-of-the-mill dissident.

CHINA [if this article is ignored, world war can not be avoided]. [Supreme Court Justice calls for a stop to political rulings because they will destroy us ].. In recent months, a number of convictions that turned out to be baseless have enraged the public. China's courts, although defined by the nation's constitution as "independent of all other powers", is in fact a tool of the Communist Party, which uses it to "solve" issues related to human and civil rights of the population. In an article in the People's Court Daily, the official paper of the Supreme Court, Shen said this should stop. "If a true criminal is released, heaven will not collapse, but if an unlucky citizen is wrongfully convicted, heaven will fall." For Shen, "Wrongful convictions are often the result of given orders, an abandonment of principles or sloppy dereliction of duty". If these things should happen in the West, "the professional stigma" would not "be washed away in a lifetime".

@ The world --- the Islamists: ARAB LEAGUE, because they really win?, Because we be not so perverted: like them to do to them, the genocide, which, they will not hesitate: to do: to us! Moreover, the parties to the conflict: in Syria? is genocide, what, are doing.. to the Armenians? Genocide have done, wha, Christians have survived, the genocides:of the Middle East, that are: every day: in all Muslim nations: against, the poor Christians survivors: the dhimmi [...] but, what is more tragic? are the international: Jewish community:Illuminati IMF-NWO, banking seigniorage, they are the real directors: all this, because: they decided to destroy Israel, and why: ever, they should be: so stupid, as to leave: the exploitation:of all peoples, to live in the desert? because, it is right: that: the demons have to live in the desert. that's their environment!

@ the world --- the Islamists: ARAB LEAGUE, perché, loro vinceranno veramente?, perché noi, non: siamo così pervertiti: come loro: da fare a loro, il genocidio, che, loro non esiteranno: a fare a noi! inoltre, le parti del conflitto: in Siria? è il genocidio, quello, che, stanno facendo, agli armeni? il Genocidio hanno fatto, quali cristiani sono sopravvissuti, ai genocidi: del medio oriente, che: si rappresentano: ogni giorno: in tutte le nazioni islamiche: ai danni dei poveri cristiani sopravvissuti: i dhimmi [...] ma, quello che è: più tragico? sono le comunità ebraiche internazionali: FMI-NWO, del signoraggio bancario, sono loro i veri registi: di tutto questo, perché: hanno deciso di distruggere Israele, e perché: mai, loro dovrebbero essere così scemi, da lasciare: lo sfruttamento: di tutti i popoli, per andare a vivere nel deserto? perché è giusto: che: i demoni debbano vivere nel deserto. quello è il loro ambiente!!

@ the world --- the Islamists: ARAB LEAGUE?, are beasts, they are monsters, they are religious maniacs, they can lie: and be smart, but not, Can they reason, because: their God satanAllah: lead them to victory ! are mentally ill: dickheads, fanatical, irrational, international criminals, mass murderers, this is their: nature, of: 1400 years ago. must be stopped: it immediately! wait events, means making: the inevitable World War III, which, of course, their SatanaAllah will win to them!

@al mondo, --- gli islamisti: della LEGA ARABA?, sono bestie, sono mostri, sono maniaci religiosi, possono mentire: ed essere furbi, ma, non: possono ragionare, perché: il loro Dio satanaAllah: li guiderà alla vittoria! sono malati mentali: teste di cazzo, fanatici, irrazionali, criminali internazionali, sterminatori, questa è la loro natura di: 1400. devono essere fermati: immediatamente! attendere gli eventi, significa rendere: inevitabile la III guerra mondiale, che ovviamente il loro Dio farà vincere!!

[relentless genocide of Christians: Talmud agenda to destroy Israel] Maiduguri. Massacre of policemen and civilians in the north-east of Nigeria. armed men, belonging to Islamist group: Boko Haram, attacked forces in the city of Bama, sparking battles: who: have 55 victims left on the ground (only 13 Islamists killed, but 105 prisoners, Islamists freed). ties have always narrower, with other jihadist groups: Ansaru, connected to the terrorists of al-Qaida, as well as with criminal networks: of various kinds. The stated purpose of: Boko Haram is to create: an Islamic state: in Nigeria, - ANSWER - these Islamists have been paid, organized, ideological, are under the direction of: the ARAB LEAGUE: CIA IMF-NWO , of course, the principals: of Sharia international (poor: dhimmi, genocide survivors), ideologically? Arab League, they are the Nazis of all intolerance: for worldwide caliphate!

[inarrestabile genocidio di cristiani: agenda talmud per distruggere Israele] MAIDUGURI. Strage di poliziotti e civili nel nord-est della Nigeria. uomini armati, appartenenti, al gruppo integralista islamico:Boko Haram, hanno attaccato in forze la città: di Bama, scatenando combattimenti: che: hanno lasciato sul terreno 55 vittime (solo 13 islamisti morti, ma, 105 detenuti, islamisti liberati). hanno legami sempre: più stretti, con, altri gruppi jihadisti: Ansaru, collegato, ai terroristi: di al-Qaida, oltre che, con reti criminali: di vario genere. L'obiettivo dichiarato: dei: Boko Haram: è creare: uno Stato islamico: anche in Nigeria, -- ANSWER -- questi islamisti: sono stati pagati, organizzati, ideologizzati, sono sotto la regia: della LEGA ARABA: CIA FMI-NWO, certamente, i mandanti della Sharia internazionale, (miseri dhimmi, sopravvissuti al genocidio), ideologicamente?la Lega ARABA, sono loro i nazisti di ogni intolleranza!

@ 666 Satan lizard --- I will not let you destroy Israel once again! You leave it to me: your tail (ie, Rothschild and the IMF talmud kabbalah 666) Because It Belongs to me! Then you will leave me, even your body: 322 Bush NWO: masonic system: new babylon tower, Because It's mine! if you insist? I crush your head, and you will lose: all the future too! Eih, Satan lizard ..

@ ISRAEL - the fact that: the occult powers: Bildenberg: IMF 666, 322, NWO, etc.. .. in all the world have control: of the power of the institutions, but they are less than 5%, of the total of the forces: in the field, and this makes them extremely vulnerable, have no chance of winning against me! not only: my sovereignty is universal, but, it is eternal: also! I have sworn upon the Throne of God, to demand the satisfaction: "atonement" against, to All Those who have done evil to an innocent person, in any part of the world, and in any period of history of the kind human, that's why I am the law of retaliation! That's why, the criminals will be afraid of me, until the end of the world!

[أهوال التي ارتكبت في سوريا، من قبل وكالة المخابرات المركزية ARAB LEAGUE؟ يتجاوز فظائع هتلر]. حرية الصحافة: فهو في مرمى: من، ابتداء من الثورة: ضد: نظام بشار الأسد، وقتل 36 صحفيا: و: العديد في عداد المفقودين. "إن توقف الحرب: الصحفيين، والحقيقة: حوالي: يتم خنق سوريا من قبل وكالة المخابرات المركزية أوباما:" بيانات من تقرير "ضرب رسول" واحدة من أحدث الحالات هو دومينيكو كيريكو، أرسلت الصحافة: اختفى. منذ 23 أيام.

[أهوال التي ارتكبت في سوريا، من قبل وكالة المخابرات المركزية ARAB LEAGUE؟ يتجاوز فظائع هتلر]. - جواب - فقط، ARAB LEAGUE، قد يكون المؤلف: لهذه الجريمة! لأن كل الأكاذيب عن سوريا، يجب أن يأتي: فقط: من، والاحتكار من اللوبي اليهودي، من صندوق النقد الدولي. من الفريسيين: المستنير التلمود جدول أعمال تدمير إسرائيل، و، لأنه، حتى الأسد، والاحتياجات الأساسية (البقاء على قيد الحياة) للرد: أيضا له، في التطهير العرقي: الخطة من قبل جامعة الدول العربية، هو السبب، وحتى: أنه لا يمكن أن يتسامح مع الصحفيين ! ولكن، يمكن للحكومات ليس التظاهر بعدم معرفة، لأنها جميعا المجرمين
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[,中情局阿盟在敘利亞犯下的恐怖?超過希特勒的恐怖。新聞自由:它是在十字線:從開始的反抗:反對:巴沙爾·阿薩德政權已經死亡,36名記者和:許多人失踪。 "戰爭停止:記者,和事實:約:敘利亞的窒息中央情報局奧巴馬:"從報告中的數據"擊中的使者"的最新的情況是多梅尼科·奎立,派記者:消失了。 23天前。 - 答案 - 只,阿拉伯國家聯盟,可能是作者:此犯罪!敘利亞,因為所有的謊言,一定要來:只有:從壟斷猶太大堂,國際貨幣基金組織(IMF)。法利賽人:開明的議程摧毀以色列,猶太法典,因為即使阿薩德,基本需求(生存)回答:他的種族清洗:由阿拉伯聯盟的計劃,這就是為什麼,即使他不能忍受記者!但是,政府不能假裝不知道,他們都是罪犯

CIA 아랍 연맹, 시리아에 최선을 다하고 [공포? 히틀러의 공포를 초과].언론의 자유 : 그것은 십자선에 있습니다 :에서 반란의 시작 :에 : 바샤 르 알 아사드의 정권, 36 기자가 사망했습니다 : 그리고 많은 누락되었습니다. "전쟁 중지 : 기자, 그리고 진실 : 약 : 시리아는 CIA 오바마 질식된다"보고서에서 데이터 "메신저 타격"최근의 사례 중 하나는 도메니코 퀴리에있다가, 언론을 보내 : 사라졌다. 이십삼일 전. - 답 - 만, 아랍 연맹, 저자가 될 수있다이 범죄! 때문에, 시리아의 모든 거짓말이

와야합니다 : 전용 :에서 유대인 로비 독점, IMF의. 바리새인 : 이스라엘을 파괴 등에 대한 계몽 의제 탈무드도 아사드 때문에, 필수 요구 (생존하는) 대답 : 또한 그를, 인종 청소에 : 아랍 연맹에 의해 계획도, 이유 : 그는 기자를 용인 할 수 없다 ! 하지만, 정부는 모르는 척 할 수 없습니다, ​​그들은 모두 범죄자는

xyyzxyx --- it would be instructive: if a Satanist wanted to talk to me, for example, you to be "upgraded" to be a priest of Satan, you have to violate, transgress: all ten commandments, we want to speak out about all of your experiences? sarebbe istruttivo: se un satanista volesse parlare con me, per esempio, tu per essere "promosso" a sacerdote di satana, tu devi violare, trasgredire: tutti e dieci i comandamenti, noi vogliamo parlare: di tutte le tue esperienze?

Benjamin Netanyahu --- il mondo non ha potuto conoscere: una civiltà superiore: alla civiltà ebraico-cristiana, e tuttavia: essa è impotente, essa non può da sola, salvare, dal loro tragico destino, sia: i palestinesi: che: i musulmani, i quali, a motivo di una: diabolica, satanica: criminale: religione nazista, un imperialismo spietato, prevede, il concetto di dhimmi, di califfato mondiale: genocidio, che, non lascerà al mondo, altra prospettiva, che quella, di una guerra totale, che, gli islamisti sono sicuri di vincere, perché, noi non abbiamo la cultura del genocidio e della pulizia etnica, che loro hanno.. ecco, perché, se, la lega araba, non rimuove la sharia: da tutto il mondo, noi non abbiamo nessuna possibilità di poter integrare: noi stessi, per poter vivere a contatto con una nazione islamizzata. ma, chi ha programmato tutta questa malvagità, non è stato Maometto, ma, sono stati i farisei, con la loro Cabala

@JHWH -- 1. I feel at this moment, the presence of intense mixed feelings! 2. feelings aroused, from my last article, 3. but, after all, that article has been written in Italian, but, when I express myself in my English incorrect? Then, the article in English has, always, a greater importance! 1. io sento in questo momento, la presenza di intensi sentimenti contrastanti! 2. sentimenti suscitati: dal mio ultimo articolo, 3. ma, dopotutto, quell'articolo era già stato scritto in italiano, tuttavia quando io mi esprimo nel mio inglese scorretto? poi, l'articolo in inglese ha, sempre, una rilevanza maggiore!

Benjamin Netanyahu - who has allowed, has planned, that, this Islamic cancer, it is so, is spread over, 50 countries, and, with its tentacles, is: infiltrating: in 15 other countries: infecting, the whole, of Africa, the 'Asia, etc? that, criminal: International: the King of Saudi Arabia? he thinks, that, it was, his satanAllah God, when, in fact, have always been the Pharisees, who, as in the past: they have made powerful: the Nazism and fascism, today, however, to regenerate: their IMF (parasitic and devitalizing: of a coin created from nothing: and provided, at interest: and: debt, at a cost, of 270%, of, its value:. scientist Giacinto Auriti) they need: a powerful worldwide caliphate, in order to make a more devastating world war, which, you might think! and since, Islamists have made, the genocide of 50 previous peoples, then, to be able to stop: really all them, we also must plan: their genocide on a global scale: necessarily!