• MESSAGGIO AI POPOLI EUROPEI : ELIMINARE I DEBITI O I POPOLI ? I Popoli del Terzo Mondo prima di essere dilaniati dalla fame sono dilaniati dal debito. 50.000.000 di uomini muoiono di fame ogni anno, non per mancanza di derrate alimentari, ma del denaro per comprarle (come è provato dalla distruzione abituale delle eccedenze di prodotti agricoli). Poiché il denaro in circolazione è emesso, a costo nullo, dalle banche centrali, solo prestandolo, balza evidente che i vuoti monetari sono arbitrariamente pianificati dalla parsimonia feroce dei grandi usurai che dominano il sistema monetario. - P. S. - Qualora dovessero esserci osservazioni per quanto riguarda il problema dell'inflazione rimandiamo alla - Legge della rarità della moneta - elaborata da Auriti.
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    05/12/2013 [Pharisees and the Islamists, the IMF, and the Arab League, extreme threat to the survival of the human race. Pope: Fidelity to Christ even unto martyrdom and in mission, as witness of charity. @JHWH -- but, I want to die fighting] VATICAN. Pope: Fidelity to Christ even unto martyrdom and in mission, as witness of charity. During Mass in St Peter's Square, Francis canonises the 800 martyrs of Otranto slaughtered by the Turks in 1480; Sister María Laura Montoya Upegui, the first Colombian saint, teacher and evangeliser of the poor and the Indians; Sister María Guadalupe García Zavala, a Mexican apostle of the poor and the sick. Martyrdom and mission are born from love of God and express themselves in the witness of charity. "[L]let us ask God to sustain those many Christians who, at this time in many parts of the world, continue to endure violence, and give them the courage of fidelity to respond to evil with goodness."
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    [Pharisees and the Islamists, the IMF, and the Arab League, extreme threat to the survival of the human race. Pope: Fidelity to Christ even unto martyrdom and in mission, as witness of charity. @JHWH -- but, I want to die fighting] Speaking ad-lib, the pope also said, "Individualism eats away at the Christian community and our hearts. . How much damage does the easy life and the embourgeoisement of the heart do?" Serving the sick and the abandoned means "touching Christ's flesh." The "sick, the poor, the dying are the flesh of Christ." The pope pleads on behalf of life in the womb and the rights of embryos. Vatican City (AsiaNews) - "Fidelity to Christ even unto martyrdom" and "the urgency and the beauty of bringing Christ and his Gospel to all" need the "witness of charity, without which even martyrdom and mission lose their Christian flavour,"
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    [Pharisiens et les islamistes, le FMI et la Ligue arabe, l'extrême menace pour la survie de la race humaine. Pape: la fidélité au Christ jusqu'au martyre et à la mission, comme témoignage de la charité. @ JHWH - mais, je veux mourir au combat] said Pope Francis today at Mass in St Peter's Square before 100,000 faithful, mostly from Italy, Colombia, and Mexico, who came for the canonisation of the 800 martyrs of Otranto slaughtered by the Turks in 1480, including tailor Antonio Primaldo; the sister of St Catherine of Siena María Laura Montoya Upegui (1874-1949), a Colombian nun who founded the Congregation of the Missionary Sisters of Mary Immaculate and Saint Catherine of Siena; and Sister María Guadalupe García Zavala (1878-1963), the Mexican co-foundress of the Congregation of the Handmaids of Saint Margaret Mary Alacoque and the Poor.


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Let’s take OUR money back
Dear friends, following is a summary of what is described in the website
Things are evolving rapidly, the media are finally exposing the global scam of money creation and supporting numerous new initiatives that strive to spread such information among the public.
Nevertheless ideas must be communicated in a simple and understandable way for anyone, just as Prof. Giacinto Auriti was able to do. His teachings became popular by leveraging upon three key features: Novelty, Simplicity and, above all, Truthfulness.
Thanks to its Truthfulness, we are convinced that the PEOPLE’S PROPERTY of the CURRENCY will be established; it does not matter when, but certainly we all hope as soon as possible.
Therefore, much credit goes to all people of goodwill who understand the importance of dealing with the root cause of the problem to address and cure all the cascading pathologies caused by the monetary and banking system. The only way to achieve that is by demanding people’s ownership of the currency at the time of issuance. This can bring about real change, contribute to the elimination of the odious national debt and restore the joy of living for all the citizens.
The following summary lists the basic points of Auriti’s monetary school
Bill proposed by the Anti-Usury Syndicate
Represented Secretary-General, Attorney and Prof. Giacinto Auriti

- Currently, a bank owns the currency it issues, and lends it to the citizens at interest.
We want the currency to be created as a citizens' asset and credited to them as “BASIC INCOME.”
In accordance with Auriti’s Senate Bill: in a monetary regime respectful of human rights, the issuing body or agency may NOT be private as all money created must be credited to each citizen as “BASIC INCOME”.
Money must belong to the bearer, therefore every banknote will display the wording – "Property of the bearer"
-The Treasury or Ministry of Finance will assign to every citizen residing in the national territory, at birth, a SOCIAL INCOME NUMBER, similar to the current taxpayer identification number used for payments today.
-For instance, when a citizen asks a bank for money to spend, to purchase land or building a house, start a business
-The bank will credit to his/her account the sum agreed upon
-The citizen will work and create value, possibly receiving the contribution of fellow citizens' labour
-The citizen will repay the loan originally credited by the bank using the profit from his/her work
-The bank will return the full amount repaid by the citizen to the Treasury or Ministry of Finance
-The Treasury or the Ministry of Finance will implement the BASIC INCOME program. They will be responsible to divide, into equal parts, the incomes they receive from the banks and credit them to every citizen's SOCIAL INCOME account number, regardless of their status, age, work, employment, health conditions, etc,
- the amount of BASIC INCOME will change over time, as it depends upon the amount of money requested by citizens to the issuing body. Such amount will have to be high enough to allow any citizen to pay for essential goods and services.
NOTE – For more information please visit You can download several documents, the following are the most important:
- THE SIGNIFICANCE OF THE LAW - by Giacinto Auriti
For further clarification, feel free to contact me on skype, username moalpo

Contact Rocco Carbone:

The utopian country

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A fundamental book to understand the real nature and function of the money.
Any monetary reform will be uncompleted without the philosophic concept of the value of money and the discovery of the induced value by Giacinto Auriti in the 90's . Monetarism needs a different approach, which cannot be purely economic, but must be holistic, philosophic and juridical one.

The professor of the University of Teramo studied 35 years the monetary problematic to arrive at the induced value of the money and explain why cannot be issue by a private bank. Finally Professor Auriti completed the analysis about money, pointing out the difference between the symbol of the money, which has been privatised by the bank system, and the real value of money, which belong to the citizens.
To download the pdf for free:
The utopic country
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ps. Text covered by copyrights, made available by the author only for personal reading.