When you have removed the Sharia

32_48.[ Pharisees, Islamists, freemasons - you can not survive: to: Unius REI, because Jesus of Bethlehem is seated at the right hand of the Father! ] Until his arrest, Demyana Emad, 23, taught social studies at the elementary school Sheikj Sultan south of: Luxor. [NAZI szariatu, jest ludobójstwo Narodów, dla: WorldWide Kalifat: Żydowskie lobby: od: tajemnych mocy: Masonic systemu bankowego renty menniczej: Bildenberg IMF_NWO, sieci TV, monopol, które zainwestowały w wojnie światowej do zniszczenia Izraela, i: Jewish-Christian: cywilizacja] The case has exploded in: April, following the complaint of: person responsible of: the parents. According to: the man, the teacher: he insulted in: front of: the boys the figure of: the prophet Muhammad. The Emad has so far: rejected: all charges and: asked for: further: evidence. in: recent days, several Islamic extremists: they entered the school encouraging:

33_48.[ Pharisees, Islamists, freemasons - you can not survive: to: Unius REI, because Jesus of Bethlehem is seated at the right hand of the Father! ] students, some a little more: that: children, to: testify against: their: teacher. [EGYPT. More arrests for: blasphemy in: Egypt, in: prison a young Christian teacher.]. With the rise to: power: of: the Muslim: Brotherhood, have increased cases of: arrests for: insults against Islam: and: blasphemy, above all against the Coptic Christian minority. The most serious case: is: place in: October: in: Bani Suef (Upper: Egypt) with the arrest: Two Kids Coptic: Nabil Nagy Rzik, 10 years old, and: Mina Nady Farag, 9 years old. According to: local Islamic authorities, the two have urinated: on: some pages of: the Koran. Despite the opposition: the parents and: the local priest, who: have pointed out illiteracy: the children, the imam: of: the village has lobbied for: their: detention.

34_48.[ Pharisees, Islamists, freemasons - you can not survive: to: Unius REI, because Jesus of Bethlehem is seated at the right hand of the Father! ] [EGYPT. More arrests for: blasphemy in: Egypt, in: prison a young Christian teacher.]. [NAZI sharia, é o genocídio das Nações, para: Califado todo o mundo: lobbies judeus: de: poderes ocultos: sistema maçônico da banca senhoriagem: Bildenberg IMF_NWO, a rede de TV, monopólio, tem investido na Primeira Guerra Mundial para destruir Israel, e: judaico-Christian: a civilização] Another: case occurred in: September: 2012: Sohag. Bishoy Kamel, Coptic religion teacher, was sentenced: six years for: posting on: Facebook: the blasphemous cartoons and: insults against: President Mohammed Morsi. He has always maintained his innocence: and: victim: of: a plot. on: 13 September: 2012, the police arrested Saber: Albert, a young Coptic: 25 years for: spreading:

35_48.[ Pharisees, Islamists, freemasons - you can not survive: to: Unius REI, because Jesus of Bethlehem is seated at the right hand of the Father! ] on: the internet the anti-Islam: film: that it has caused events: all over: the world. Saber: is still in: custody: awaiting trial. 05/09/2013. AFGHANISTAN. Afghan minister: 'psychological illness' among poisoned schoolgirls. [Education Ministry blames Taliban, threatens to: punish the girls who fake poisoning. Meanwhile, fear: of: poisoning has kept many girls away from: schools]. [Nazist Sharia, este genocidul Națiunilor, pentru: Califatul WorldWide: lobby evrei: de: puteri oculte: sistem Masonică din bancare seigniorage: Bildenberg IMF_NWO, rețele de televiziune, monopol, au investit în război mondial pentru a distruge Israel, și: evreu-Christian: civilizație] Kabul (AsiaNews/Agencies) - Afghanistan's Education Minister:

36_48.[ Pharisees, Islamists, freemasons - you can not survive: to: Unius REI, because Jesus of Bethlehem is seated at the right hand of the Father! ] Ghulam: Farooq Wardak has threatened to: punish schoolgirls that claim: to: have been poisoned if tests show no evidence of: poison. on: 2 May, about 200 girls were hospitalised in: Kabul with poisoning symptoms, but no evidence of: poison was found. Many of: the girls were released only after: a few hours. "I will punish the student," the minister: said through his department spokesman. "I will punish the teacher, I will punish the head teacher: and: I will punish the school director". [Education Ministry blames Taliban, threatens to: punish the girls who fake poisoning. Meanwhile, fear: of: poisoning has kept many girls away from: schools]. In the past year, similar: incidents have occurred in: several parts of: the country.

37_48.[ Pharisees, Islamists, freemasons - you can not survive: to: Unius REI, because Jesus of Bethlehem is seated at the right hand of the Father! ] Matthieu Aikins, a journalist with the International Herald Tribune who lives in: Kabul, has looked into some cases reported in: June of: last year. Citing World Health Organisation studies, he reports that, despite extensive lab tests, no actual toxins were ever: found. Instead, the phenomenon is akin to: a 'psychological disorder', a plausible argument also made by psychiatrist Noor: Moshaiq. [Education Ministry blames Taliban, threatens to: punish the girls who fake poisoning. Meanwhile, fear: of: poisoning has kept many girls away from: schools]. [Nacistické šaría je genocída národov pre: WorldWide kalifát: Židovské lobby: z: okultných silách: slobodomurársky systém bankového ražobného: Bildenberg IMF_NWO, televízna sieť, monopol, investovali do svetovej vojny zničiť Izrael a: židovsko-christian: civilizácie]

38_48.[ Pharisees, Islamists, freemasons - you can not survive: to: Unius REI, because Jesus of Bethlehem is seated at the right hand of the Father! ] This does not: mean that the schoolgirls are making up their: story, but rather: that repeated reports of: mass poisoning coupled with the government's nonchalant denial of: the problem: triggered panic in: the girls' families, which began pulling their: daughters out of: school. The studies that followed poisoning allegations are open to: interpretation and: controversy. Last year, in: the city of: Takhar, Afghan intelligence officers arrested two schoolgirls and: forced them: to: confess that they had poisoned their: classmates under: duress from: the Taliban. A videotape made during their: interrogation has generated controversy among their: families and: local physicians. [Education Ministry blames Taliban, threatens to: punish the girls who fake poisoning.

39_48.[ Pharisees, Islamists, freemasons - you can not survive: to: Unius REI, because Jesus of Bethlehem is seated at the right hand of the Father! ] Meanwhile, fear: of: poisoning has kept many girls away from: schools]. For: Dr: Sayed Abed, a specialist at Takhar's provincial hospital, there is no evidence of: poisoning. "We just give them: an IV and: send them: home when they feel better," he said. His colleague Dr: Hafizullah Safi is more circumspect because of: the evidence produced by the National Directorate of: Security. [Education Ministry blames Taliban, threatens to: punish the girls who fake poisoning. [NACISTIČNEM šeriatskega, je genocid narodov za: WorldWide kalifat: Judovski lobiji: od: okultnih moči: prostozidarski sistemske bančne iz izdajanja: Bildenberg IMF_NWO, Network TV, monopol, ki vlagajo v svetovni vojni za uničenje Izraela in: judovsko-Christian: civilizacija]

40_48.[ Pharisees, Islamists, freemasons - you can not survive: to: Unius REI, because Jesus of Bethlehem is seated at the right hand of the Father! ] Meanwhile, fear: of: poisoning has kept many girls away from: schools]. In 2001, the Taliban banned female education. For: this reason and: because of: their: well-known rejection of: progress, the Kabul government has accused them: of: using poison to: discourage girls from: going to: school. Boys in: fact have never: been victims of: incidents of: this kind. Yet, laboratory tests have found no evidence of: poisoning, a case for: Minister: Wardak of: 'psychological illness'. [Education Ministry blames Taliban, threatens to: punish the girls who fake poisoning. Meanwhile, fear: of: poisoning has kept many girls away from: schools]. 05/09/2013. [[SYRIA. Syrian Priest: Let us pray for: the release of: kidnapped prelates: bishops, priests, girls raped: and: slaughtered(cut the throat),

41_48.[ Pharisees, Islamists, freemasons - you can not survive: to: Unius REI, because Jesus of Bethlehem is seated at the right hand of the Father! ] and: for: reconciliation in: Syria. for free: all the people kidnapped in: in Syria: recent months]]. SYRIA. Syrian priest: Let us pray for: the release of: kidnapped prelates and: for: reconciliation in: Syria. For: Fr: Mtanios Haddad, patriarchal delegate for: Rome's Greek Melkite community, there will be no peace without Christians, whether: in: Syria or: the Middle East. Tomorrow, in: the Basilica of: Santa Maria in: Cosmedin, there will be a Mass for: the release of: Mgrs Yohanna Ibrahim: and: Paul Yazigi and: all the people kidnapped in: Syria in: recent months. [NAZI sharia, es el genocidio de las Naciones, para: Califato WorldWide: lobbies judíos: de: poderes ocultos: sistema masónico de la banca señoreaje: Bildenberg IMF_NWO, Red TV, monopolio,

42_48.[ Pharisees, Islamists, freemasons - you can not survive: to: Unius REI, because Jesus of Bethlehem is seated at the right hand of the Father! ] han invertido en la guerra mundial para destruir a Israel, y: Jewish-cristiana: la civilización] Pope Francis's solidarity with Eastern Churches is inducing more and: more Syrian priests to: return to: their: country to: help people who suffer. Rome (AsiaNews) - "Following the example of: Mgrs Yohanna Ibrahim: and: Yazigi Paul and: other: kidnapped priests, Syria's Christians want to: continue the daily dialogue with Muslims, live with them, and: not: emigrate because of: the war: and: the spread of: Islamic extremism," Fr. Mtanios Haddad BS told AsiaNews. According to: the patriarchal apocrisarius to: Gregory III Laham, head of: the Melkite Greek Catholic Church, "Syrian Christians are not: a church or: a minority to: defend, but are a constitutive element of:

43_48.[ Pharisees, Islamists, freemasons - you can not survive: to: Unius REI, because Jesus of Bethlehem is seated at the right hand of the Father! ] the Syrian people, and: do not: need the protection of: the United States or: Europe." [NAZI SHARIA, är folkmordet of Nations, för: WorldWide kalifat: judiska lobbygrupper: av: ockulta krafter: Masonic system för bank seigniorage: Bildenberg IMF_NWO, nätverk tv, monopol, har investerat i världens krig för att förgöra Israel, och: judisk-Christian: civilisation] Tomorrow evening, Rome's Greek Melkite community will hold a solemn Mass for: the release of: Mgrs Yohanna Ibrahim: and: Paul Yazigi, the two orthodox bishops kidnapped on: 22 April. [[SYRIA. Syrian Priest: Let us pray for: the release of: kidnapped prelates: bishops, priests, girls raped: and: slaughtered(cut the throat), and: for: reconciliation in: Syria. for free: all the people kidnapped in: in Syria: recent months]].

44_48.[ Pharisees, Islamists, freemasons - you can not survive: to: Unius REI, because Jesus of Bethlehem is seated at the right hand of the Father! ] The service is set for: 7 pm: at the Basilica of: Santa Maria in: Cosmedin. Mgr: Hilarion Capucci, bishop emeritus of: Jerusalem: (Melkite Greek), and: Mgr: Matteo Maria Zuppi, auxiliary bishop of: Rome, will join Fr: Haddad. Some passages from: sermons delivered by the two Orthodox bishops and: a message of: peace from: Patriarch Gregory III will be read during the Mass. Fr: Haddad said that the Eucharistic celebration is not: only meant to: pray "for: the bishops still in: the hands of: the kidnappers, as are hundreds of: other: people, but also to: raise awareness about the tragedy of: the Syrian conflict that is now completely out of: control." "We have organised this initiative," he said, "to address the international community and: reflect on: the effects of: the Syrian conflict,

45_48.[ Pharisees, Islamists, freemasons - you can not survive: to: Unius REI, because Jesus of Bethlehem is seated at the right hand of the Father! ] which started with the theory of: the Arab Spring, but has now brought thousands of: foreign fighters to: our: country where they carry out indiscriminate acts that have nothing to: do with our: culture. What the Syrian people ask is: 'Where are we going?'" [[SYRIA. Syrian Priest: Let us pray for: the release of: kidnapped prelates: bishops, priests, girls raped: and: slaughtered(cut the throat), and: for: reconciliation in: Syria. for free: all the people kidnapped in: in Syria: recent months]]. According to: the priest, Mgr: Yohanna Ibrahim: of: the Syrian Orthodox Church, and: Mgr: Paul Yazigi, who is a Greek Orthodox bishop, as well as other: prelates who are still in: Syria despite the risk of: violence and: kidnappings, are a testament to: the value of: the Christian presence

46_48.[ Pharisees, Islamists, freemasons - you can not survive: to: Unius REI, because Jesus of Bethlehem is seated at the right hand of the Father! ] in: the country. For: Fr: Haddad, the alleged involvement of: Chechen jihadists in: the kidnapping of: the prelates is yet another: confirmation of: the conflict's absurdity. "Johanna Bishop and: Msgr. Yazigi were engaged in: interreligious dialogue and: had daily contact with Muslim: authorities. Their: seizure is designed to: frighten Christians, and: all those who refuse to: get involved in: this war. Sunnis, Shias, Christians and: Druze have always lived together. [NAZI SHARIA ist der Völkermord an den Nationen, für: WorldWide Kalifat: Jüdische Lobbys: von: okkulte Kräfte: Freimaurer Banksystem seigniorage: Bildenberg IMF_NWO, Netzwerk-TV, Monopol, haben im zweiten Weltkrieg, Israel zu zerstören investiert und jüdischem Christian: Zivilisation]

47_48.[ Pharisees, Islamists, freemasons - you can not survive: to: Unius REI, because Jesus of Bethlehem is seated at the right hand of the Father! ] This cohabitation has lasted for: 13 centuries. It is in: our: country that the first Christian communities formed and: it is this shared sense of: belonging that we want to: defend. " [[SYRIA. Syrian Priest: Let us pray for: the release of: kidnapped prelates: bishops, priests, girls raped: and: slaughtered(cut the throat), and: for: reconciliation in: Syria. for free: all the people kidnapped in: in Syria: recent months]].[NAZİ ŞERİYE, için, Milletler soykırım: WorldWide Hilafet: Yahudi lobileri: of: gizli güçler: bankacılık senyoraj Masonik sistemi: Bildenberg IMF_NWO, NetWork TV, tekel, İsrail yok etmek için dünya savaşı yatırım yaptık ve: Yahudi-Hıristiyan: medeniyet] The archimandrite stressed Pope Francis's great interest for: Eastern Churches. "The Christians of: Syria feel his solidarity.

48_48.[ Pharisees, Islamists, freemasons - you can not survive: to: Unius REI, because Jesus of Bethlehem is seated at the right hand of the Father! ]on: several occasions, he said he was praying for: our: country and: its people. This helps our: community and: our: bishops to: remain and: induces many priests who went abroad to: return to: their: dioceses of: origin," he said. "Without Christians, the Middle East will be destroyed," he explained. "We are the bridge between the West and: Arab culture and: Muslim: religion." [NAZI SHARIA, is the genocide of Nations, for: WorldWide Caliphate: Jewish lobbies: of: occult powers: Masonic system of banking seigniorage: Bildenberg IMF_NWO, NetWork TV, monopoly, have invested in world war to destroy Israel, and: Jewish-Christian: civilization] [NAZI saria, a népirtás nemzetek, mert: WorldWide kalifátus: zsidó lobbik: A: okkult erők:

@farisei, islamisti, massoni satanisti, demoni criminali nazisti assassini -- voi non potete sopravvivere ad Unius REI, perché Gesù di Betlemme è seduto alla destra del Padre!

decisione scandalosa dal fisico Stephen Hawking (vittima, anche lui, del monopolio ebraico di informazione, che, ha deciso di nascondere: il martirio dei cristiani, al fine di distruggere Israele)] Stephen Hawking: unisce accademico: boicottaggio di Israele. Fisico tira fuori: di conferenza: ospitato dal presidente Shimon Peres in segno di protesta: al trattamento dei palestinesi. - RISPOSTA - @ Ovadiah Yosef - è tutta dei tuoi farisei, la colpa, cioè, del monopolio: Ebraico: Media Network TV, perché la mostrosità: di: dhimmi, la sharia, ecc .. e la tragedia dei martiri cristiani: hai nascosto, celato al mondo! voi siete i veri nazisti! .. ma senza, una parte della verità su, i martiri cristiani?: Israele è colpevole agli occhi di tutto il mondo! Così, il vostro odio: contro. Gesù di Betlemme? è molto più grande: del tuo amore per Israele, che: si: il FMI, ha deciso di distruggere, rovinare sempre di più: insieme a tutta la razza umana

fizikçi Stephen Hawking tarafından skandal karar (kurban da ona, o saklamaya karar bilgilerin Yahudi tekel, bir: Hıristiyanların şehit, İsrail'i yok etmek için)] Stephen Hawking: Akademik katıldı: İsrail boykot. Fizikçi ortaya çıkarır: protesto Cumhurbaşkanı Şimon Peres ev sahipliğinde: Konferansın Filistinlilerin tedavisi de. - CEVAP - @ Ovadiah Yosef - BT TÜM Ferisiler, tekel suçlu'S: İbranice:, Medya NetWork TV çünkü mostrosità: bir: gayri Müslim, şeriat, vs .. ve Hıristiyan şehit trajedi: Eğer, gizli dünyada gizlediği! Gerçek Naziler var! .. ancak Hıristiyan şehit, hakkındaki gerçeği bir parçası olmadan: İsrail dünyanın gözünde suçludur! Yani, Bethlehem İsa karşı nefret? çok daha büyüktür: bir: İsrail için sevgi, bu: size: ayrıca: IMF, daha berbat, yok karar verdik bütün insan ırkının

skandalöse Entscheidung der Physiker Stephen Hawking (Opfer, zu ihm, der jüdischen Monopol der Informationen, die, entschied er sich zu verstecken: Martyrium der Christen, um Israel zu zerstören)] Stephen Hawking: verbindet akademische: Boykott Israels. Physiker zieht: der Konferenz: von Präsident Shimon Peres aus Protest gehostet: bei der Behandlung der Palästinenser. - ANTWORT - @ Ovadiah Yosef - Es ist alles deine Pharisäer, die Schuldigen des Monopols: Hebräisch: Media Network TV, weil die mostrosità: von: Dhimmi, Scharia, etc. .. und die Tragödie der christlichen Märtyrer: Sie versteckt, verborgen in der Welt! Sie sind die wirklichen Nazis! .. aber ohne dass ein Teil der Wahrheit über den, der christlichen Märtyrer: Israel ist schuldig in den Augen der Welt! Also, Ihr Hass gegen Jesus in Bethlehem? ist viel größer: aus: Ihre Liebe für Israel, dass: Sie: der IWF, haben beschlossen, zu zerstören, um mehr und mehr zu ruinieren: auch: ganze Menschengeschlecht

escandalosa decisión por el físico Stephen Hawking (la víctima, también él, del monopolio judío de la información, la cual, decidió esconderse: el martirio de los cristianos, con el fin de destruir a Israel)] Stephen Hawking: une académica: boicot a Israel. El físico saca: de la conferencia: organizado por el presidente Shimon Peres en protesta: en el tratamiento de los palestinos. - RESPUESTA - @ Ovadia Yosef - todo es tu fariseos, los culpables de monopolio: Hebreo: Media Network TV, ya que el mostrosità: de: dhimmi, sharia, etc .. y la tragedia de los mártires cristianos: Has escondido, oculto en el mundo! ustedes son los verdaderos nazis! .. pero sin que una parte de la verdad acerca de los mártires cristianos: Israel es culpable ante los ojos del mundo! Por lo tanto, su odio contra Jesús en Belén? es mucho mayor: de: su amor por Israel, que: que: el FMI, han decidido destruir, para arruinar cada vez más: también: la raza humana entera

Decizia scandalos de fizicianul Stephen Hawking (victima, de asemenea el, de monopolul evreiesc de informații, pe care, el a decis să ascundă: martiriul de creștini, în scopul de a distruge Israel)] Stephen Hawking: se alătură academic: boicot de Israel. Fizician scoate: de conferințe: găzduită de președintele Shimon Peres, în semn de protest: de la tratamentul de palestinieni. - RĂSPUNS - @ Ovadiah Yosef - Totul e farisei dvs., vinovate de monopol: ebraică: Media Network TV, deoarece mostrosità: de: dhimmi, Sharia, etc .. și tragedia de martirilor creștini: ai ascuns, ascuns in lume! vă sunt naziști reale! .. dar fără ca parte a adevărului despre, martirii creștini: Israel este vinovat în ochii lumii! Deci, ura împotriva lui Isus în Betleem? este mult mai mare: de: dragostea pentru Israel, ca: tu: FMI, au decis să distrugă, să strice mai mult și mai mult: de asemenea: rasa umană întreg

decisão escandalosa pelo físico Stephen Hawking (vítima, também ele, do monopólio judeu de informação, que, ele decidiu esconder: o martírio dos cristãos, a fim de destruir Israel)] Stephen Hawking: junta acadêmica: boicote de Israel. Físico puxa: de conferência: organizada pelo presidente Shimon Peres, em protesto: no tratamento dos palestinos. - Resposta - @ Ovadia Yosef - É tudo sua fariseus, os culpados de monopólio: Hebraico: Mídia rede de TV, porque o mostrosità: de: dhimmi, sharia, etc .. ea tragédia dos mártires cristãos: você tem escondido, oculto do mundo! vocês são os nazistas de verdade! .. mas sem que uma parte da verdade sobre, os mártires cristãos: Israel é culpado aos olhos do mundo! Assim, seu ódio contra Jesus em Belém? é muito maior: de: seu amor por Israel, que: você: o FMI, decidiram destruir, arruinar cada vez mais: também: toda a raça humana

skandaliczna decyzja fizyk Stephen Hawking (ofiara, też go, żydowskiego monopolu informacji, który zdecydował się ukryć: męczeństwa chrześcijan, żeby zniszczyć Izrael)] Stephen Hawking: łączy akademicki: bojkot Izraela. Fizyk wyciąga: konferencji: zorganizowanej przez prezydenta Szimona Peresa w proteście: w leczeniu Palestyńczyków. - ODPOWIEDŹ - @ Ovadiah Yosef - To wszystko twoja faryzeusze, winni monopol: Hebrew: Media Network TV, bo mostrosità: z: dhimmi, szariat, itp. .. i tragedia chrześcijańskich męczenników: ukryły, ukrytych w świecie! jesteście prawdziwymi nazistami! .. ale bez tej części prawdy o, chrześcijańskich męczenników: Izrael jest winny w oczach świata! Tak, twoja nienawiść wobec Jezusa w Betlejem? jest znacznie większy: z: miłości do Izraela, że: jesteś: MFW, postanowili zniszczyć, zrujnować coraz więcej: także: cały rodzaj ludzki

schandalige beslissing van de natuurkundige Stephen Hawking (slachtoffer, ook hem, van de Joodse monopolie van informatie, die, besloot hij te verbergen: martelaarschap van de Christenen, om Israël te vernietigen)] Stephen Hawking: sluit academisch: boycot van Israël. Fysicus trekt uit: van de conferentie: gehost door president Shimon Peres in protest: bij de behandeling van Palestijnen. - ANTWOORD - @ Ovadiah Yosef - HET IS AL uw Farizeeën, de schuldige van monopolie: Hebreeuws: Media Network TV, omdat de mostrosità: van: dhimmi, sharia, enz. .. en de tragedie van de christelijke martelaren: u hebt verborgen, verborgen in de wereld! jij bent de echte nazi's! .. maar zonder dat een deel van de waarheid over de christelijke martelaren: Israël is schuldig in de ogen van de wereld! Dus, uw haat tegen Jezus in Bethlehem? is veel groter: van: uw liefde voor Israël, dat: u: het IMF, hebben besloten om te vernietigen, om meer en meer verpesten: ook: hele mensheid

skandaløs avgjørelse av fysikeren Stephen Hawking (offeret, for ham, av den jødiske monopol på informasjon, som, bestemte han seg for å skjule: martyrdom av kristne, for å ødelegge Israel)] Stephen Hawking: tiltrer akademisk: boikott av Israel. Fysiker trekker ut: av konferansen: arrangert av president Shimon Peres i protest: ved behandling av palestinerne. - SVAR - @ Ovadiah Yosef - Alt er din fariseerne, den skyldige av monopol: hebraisk: Media Network TV, fordi mostrosità: av: dhimmi, sharia, osv. .. og tragedie kristne martyrer: du har gjemt, skjult i verden! du er de virkelige nazistene! .. men uten at en del av sannheten om den kristne martyrer: Israel er skyldig i øynene av verden! Så ditt hat mot Jesus i Betlehem? er mye større: av: din kjærlighet til Israel, at: du: IMF, har bestemt seg for å ødelegge, å ødelegge mer og mer: også: hele menneskeheten

skandaløse beslutning af fysikeren Stephen Hawking (offer, også ham den jødiske monopol på information, der, besluttede han at skjule: martyrium af kristne, for at ødelægge Israel)] Stephen Hawking: slutter akademisk: boykot af Israel. Fysiker trækker ud: af konferencen: hostet af præsident Shimon Peres i protest: ved behandling af palæstinenserne. - SVAR - @ Ovadiah Yosef - Det er din Farisæerne den skyldige i monopol: Hebrew: Media tv-netværk, fordi mostrosità: af: dhimmi, sharia, etc. .. og tragedien af kristne martyrer: du har skjult, skjult i verden! du er de virkelige nazister! .. men uden den del af sandheden om den kristne martyrer: Israel er skyldig i øjnene af verden! Så dit had mod Jesus i Betlehem? er meget større: af: din kærlighed til Israel, at: du: IMF, har besluttet at ødelægge, at ødelægge mere og mere: også: hele menneskeheden

Skandalozni odluka fizičar Stephen Hawking (žrtva, previše ga je, od židovske monopol informacija, što, je odlučio sakriti: mučeništvo kršćana, kako bi se uništiti Izrael)] Stephen Hawking: pridružuje akademska: bojkot Izraela. Fizičar izvlači: od konferencije: domaćin bio predsjednik Shimon Peres u znak prosvjeda: na liječenju Palestinaca. - ODGOVOR - @ Ovadiah Yosef - to je sve svoje farizeji, kriv za monopol: hebrejski: Media Network TV, jer mostrosità: od: dhimmi, šerijatsko pravo, itd. .. i tragedija kršćanskih mučenika: što su skrivena, skriven u svijetu! da su pravi nacisti! .. ali bez tog dijela istine o, kršćanskih mučenika: Izrael je kriv u očima svijeta! Dakle, vaša mržnja spram Isusa u Betlehemu? je puno veća: od: vaše ljubavi prema Izraelu, da: da: MMF, odlučili uništiti, uništiti sve više i više: Također: cijeli ljudski rod

可恥的決定,由物理學家斯蒂芬·霍金(受害者,過他,猶太壟斷的信息,其中,他決定隱藏:基督徒殉教,以摧毀以色列)]斯蒂芬·霍金:加入學術:以色列的抵制。物理學家翻出:會議:總統佩雷斯主持,以示抗議:在對待巴勒斯坦人。 - 答案 - _AT_ Ovadiah優素福 - 這都是你的法利賽人,有罪壟斷:希伯來語:媒體網絡電視,因為:mostrosità:dhimmi,伊斯蘭教,等..基督教殉道者的悲劇:你已經隱藏,隱藏在世界上!你是真正的納粹!..但沒有真理,基督教殉道者的那部分:在世人眼中,以色列是有罪的!所以,耶穌在伯利恆對你的仇恨嗎?大得多:你愛以色列,說:你是否:國際貨幣基金組織(IMF),決定摧毀,毀也越來越多:整個人類

décision scandaleuse par le physicien Stephen Hawking (victime, lui aussi, du monopole juif de l'information, qui, il décide de se cacher: le martyre des chrétiens, afin de détruire Israël)] Stephen Hawking: rejoint scolaire: boycott d'Israël. Physicien sort: la conférence: accueilli par le président Shimon Peres en signe de protestation: au traitement des Palestiniens. - RÉPONSE - @ Ovadia Yosef - c'est tout votre Pharisiens, les coupables de monopole: hébreu: Médias réseau de télévision, parce que le mostrosità: de: dhimmi, la charia, etc .. et la tragédie des martyrs chrétiens: tu as caché, dissimulé dans le monde! vous êtes les vrais nazis! .. mais sans qu'une partie de la vérité sur les martyrs chrétiens: Israël est coupable aux yeux du monde! Ainsi, votre haine contre Jésus à Bethléem? est beaucoup plus importante: de: votre amour pour Israël, que: vous: tout le genre humain: le FMI, ont décidé de détruire, ruiner de plus en plus: aussi

scandalous decision by the physicist Stephen Hawking (victim, too him, of the Jewish monopoly of information, which, he decided to hide: martyrdom of Christians, in order to destroy Israel)]Stephen Hawking: joins academic: boycott of Israel. Physicist pulls out: of conference: hosted by president Shimon Peres in protest: at treatment of Palestinians. - ANSWER - - @ Ovadiah Yosef - IT'S ALL your Pharisees, the guilty of monopoly: Hebrew: Media NetWork TV, because the mostrosità: of: dhimmi, sharia, etc. .. and the tragedy of Christian martyrs: you have hidden, concealed in the world! you are the real Nazis! .. but without that part of the truth about, the Christian martyrs: Israel is guilty in the eyes of the world! So, your hatred against Jesus in Bethlehem? is much larger: of: your love for Israel, that: you: the IMF, have decided to destroy, to ruin more and more: also: whole human race

scandalosa: decisione del fisico Stephen Hawking (vittima, anche lui, del monopolio ebraico della informazione, che, ha deciso di nascondere: il martirio dei cristiani, per poter distruggere Israele)]: che: boicotta! la conferenza di Shimon Peres: "oltraggioso e ipocritica". Stephen Hawking: joins academic: boycott of Israel. Physicist pulls out: of conference: hosted by president: Shimon Peres: in protest: at treatment of Palestinians. -- ANSWER -

- @Ovadiah Yosef -- È TUTTA dei tuoi farisei! colpa del monopolio: ebraico: dei Media NetWork TV, perché la mostrosità: del: dhimmi, sharia, ecc.. e la tragedia dei martiri cristiani: voi la avete nascosta, occultata al mondo! voi siete i nazisti veri! .. ma, senza quella parte di verità: circa, i martiri cristiani: Israele risulta colpevole: agli occhi del mondo! Quindi, il vostro odio, contro: Gesù di Betlemme? è molto più grande: del vostro amore per Israele, che: voi: del FMI, avete deciso di distruggere, per rovinare sempre di più tutto il genere umano

because there are so many: NAZIS: against: me? I am the freedom of thought, and, free will: for all, because, I have to have many friends, but also many opponents? I abolisco: remove, erased: only, Pharisees, Islamists, Satanists, Freemasons, banking seigniorage: stolen by the Pharisees: IMF NWO, and social classes! so for all the other things? I do not do violence, so why someone is intolerant against me? perché, ci sono tanti: NAZISTI: contro: di me? io sono la libertà di pensiero: e il libero arbitrio: per tutti, perché, io devo avere tanti amici, ma anche tanti oppositori? io abolisco, farisei, islamisti, satanisti, massoni, signoraggio bancario: rubato dai farisei e le classi sociali! quindi per tutte le altre cose? io non faccio violenza, quindi perché qualcuno è intollerante contro di me?

@ islamists, terrorists arab laegue - 1. I can not be "politically" vindictive, for all the crimes committed, before my international recognition. 2. my metaphysics will never go to corrupt, and, 3. I can not disheartened, myself, lacking coherence with all the articles That I have written, In These 5 years. 4. how can you have confidence in the Pharisee, who, he said, "everything is normal between us!" and then, you will end up like Hitler? 5. 're trapped!, and, without me? you can not do, nothing, it anymore, to get out of your trap! @ CIA xyyzxyx 666 voodoo cannibal, masonic system Bildenberg IMF-NWO, occult international institutional power, to do: 200,000 human sacrifice on your altar of Baal owl, every year, at Bohemian Grove

what, someone did not understand, is that the man and the woman (which is why, even polygamy should be discouraged), in the thoughts of God are one body (the sacrament, or institution of marriage: that, is why, gay being of the same sex can not have), so who wants to divorce (except cases: very severe), must be thinking of cutting her body: in half, too ... how can someone say they believe in God, and, then do not understand these things? but, almost all of the most serious complications in marriage, stem from not understanding the function subject:(this is true love): of wife, to husband, function essential for a healthy psychological balance of the children, and, to keep the family together and compact: at time same

@ Israel - we are not Jews, only for ourselves, but, also to give, a testimony of faith, in the world! if, the world, sees women dressed: as men, even: in religion? then, what is: Judaism, will: not: understand: anything, and: also, the history: and: culture: will remain wounds! @ ישראל - אנחנו לא יהודים, רק לעצמנו, אבל, גם לתת, עדות של אמונה, בעולם! אם, העולם, רואה נשים לבושות: כמו גברים, גם: בדת? אז, מה היא: יהדות, תהיה: לא: מבין: שום דבר, ו: גם, את ההיסטוריה: ו: התרבות: יישארו פצעים!

[very important] Hundreds of Orthodox women: have protested against: the emancipated women: will pray at the Wall of Jerusalem, with sacred clothing reserved for men. Women: Orthodox faithful, responded to the call spread by the rabbis of the congregation: such as: Ovadia Yosef ((he said that: I am an ass, lol., but I forgive him!)) and others - have launched junk: water and against: emancipated women: willing to approach: the Wall: to pray wearing clothes sacred reserved by tradition for men only. - ANSWER - THIS time, the conservatives are right! the sacred traditions, they are not an idol, however, publicly, must be respected, the rabbis progressives in their assemblies, ie, in their privacy?, they can do what they want, but not in public! generally, a woman who wants to ape man, ends up depreciating herself, and do not understand the importance of his role in God's plan,in the state and, in the family

[molto importante] Centinaia di donne ortodosse hanno protestato, contro, le emancipate: intenzionate a pregare al Muro di Gerusalemme, con indumenti sacri riservati agli uomini. le donne: fedeli ortodosse, hanno risposto all'appello diffuso dai rabbini: della congregazione: come: Yosef Ovadia ((lui ha detto: che: io sono un asino, lol. ma, io lo perdono!)) e altri - hanno lanciato spazzatura: e acqua contro: le donne emancipate: intenzionate ad avvicinarsi: al Muro: per pregare indossando indumenti sacri: riservati dalla tradizione: ai soli uomini. -- ANSWER -- QUESTA volta, i conservatori hanno ragione! le sacre tradizioni, non sono un idolo, tuttavia, pubblicamente, devono essere rispettate, i rabbini progressisti nelle loro assemblee, ie, al privato?, possono fare quello che vogliono, ma, non in pubblico! generalmente, una donna che vuole scimmiottare l'uomo, finisce per svalutare, e per non comprendere l'importanza del suo ruolo, nei progetti di Dio, sullo Stato e nella famiglia

[the deliberate ambiguity of this article? is something disgusting] ROME, MAY 10 - A law to gay unions, and a task force to study the phenomenon of femminicidio.Questi themes on top of the roadmap of the Minister for Equal Opportunities Josefa Idem, said: Italy lacks a sporting culture, which, aid in civil society ([this is incomprehensible, and questionable]). For the rights of same-sex couples, he adds, that,expects to find in the PDL, because "I would not have ventured" on this ground, if it had not been Berlusconi himself: to say that the time is ripe. - ANSWER - no one denies, legally recognize: the union civily: of gay .. but, the gay marriage, is against the natural law, and would be a serious wound natural and divine, against: institution of marriage. [the deliberate ambiguity of this article? is something disgusting]

NEW YORK, MAY 10 - A man who was among the first responders after the tremendous explosion of fertilizer plant in West, Texas, and 'was arrested for possession: of an explosive device. It is a paramedic: and: his name and 'Bryce Reed. It's not 'clear whether the' pipe bomb 'found is connected to the explosion of 17 April, which cost the lives of 14 people: and: left more than 200 injured. - ANSWER - not, I WAS TOLD: to you, THAT THERE WERE MASONIC AND OCCULT POWERS, Satanists, BEHIND THIS ATTACK? to you! I told. --ANSWER -- NON VI AVEVO DETTO, CHE C'ERANO I POTERI OCCULTI E MASSONICI, I SATANISTI, DIETRO QUESTO ATTENTATO? si! lo ho detto

God can do no harm! he has almost exterminated the nation of the Egyptians, to deliver Israel. and, what, you've read of Elijah, what, you know the Bible? even in the New Testament where God intervenes, to do die Herod "the Great" (for the massacre of the innocents), and Herod Antipas (for: kill the Apostle James, and he did, imprison the apostle Peter, then, did free, by an angel) ... etc. Know ye not, that, atheism: it is treason: against: the Kingdom of God? Certainly, God cares about: the fate of all his, all women and man: that are consecrated to him, but because: I am a politician of the Kingdom of God, God has the duty: to accredit my: function: election, authorities, just using: also, the violence. but, it is to prevent: to God, the use of violence: that: I have written many articles: in fact, God said: "I ​​have no pleasure,of the death: of the sinner, but, that he be converted and live!" so the Pharisee and the Islamist Nazi predator, have been advised

Dio può fare del male! lui non ha quasi sterminato la nazione degli egiziani, per liberare Israele. e, cosa, voi avete letto di Elia, cosa, voi conoscete della Bibbia? anche nel Nuovo Testamento, dove Dio interviene, per fare morire Erode "il Grande" (per la strage degli innocenti), sia Erode Antipa (aveva fatto uccidere l'Apostolo Giacomo, e aveva fatto, imprigionare l'apostolo Pietro, poi, fatto liberare da un angelo) ecc... non sapete voi, che, l'ateismo: è alto tradimento: contro: il Regno di Dio? Certamente, Dio ha a cuore la sorte: di tutti i suoi consacrati, ma, poiché: io sono un politico: del Regno di Dio, Dio ha il dovere: di accreditare la mia funzione: elezione, autorità, proprio usando: anche, la violenza. ma, è proprio per impedire: a Dio: l'uso della violenza: che: io ho scritto tanti articoli: infatti: Dio ha detto: "io non godo, della morte del peccatore, ma, che, si converta e viva!" così il fariseo e l'islamista, predatore nazista, sono stati avvisati

Bonino calls on EU to look to founding fathers ([our Christian roots, no longer have to be cut: bilbenberg by traitors: the Masonic system of the Pharisees of the IMF! But, St. Francis of Assisi, St. Benedict, St. Nicholas of Bari Saints Cyril and Methodius, etc. .. are the real components of European identity, nothing Portra rise of lasting outside of this!]) 'We must rediscover fundamental values' says foreign minister. 09 May, [our Christian roots, never more Should not be cut: by bilbenberg by traitors: the Masonic system of the Pharisees of the IMF! but, St. Francis of Assisi, St. Benedict, St. Nicholas of Bari, Saints Cyril and Methodius, etc.. .. are the real components of European identity! this is why, EU: s is scam! ] (By Christopher Livesay) (ANSA) - Florence, May 9 - Italian Foreign Minister Emma Bonino on Thursday called on Europe to draw inspiration.

Lorenzojhwh Unius REI [Nos Roots chrétiennes, it doivent pas être jamais plus coupés: bilbenberg par par des traîtres: the pharisiens du système des maçonnique IMF! corn, saint François d'Assise, Benoît saint, saint Nicolas de Bari, Saints Cyrille et Méthode, etc. .. Reels sont les éléments de l'identité européenne! C'est pourquoi ce, EU: s eastern arnaque! ] From its founding fathers to fight the economic crisis and rediscover fundamental values. Bonino was speaking at a conference held in Florence on the state of the European Union. Referring to a crisis in "fundamental values," Bonino said there was growing intolerance, discrimination, support for xenophobic parties and a weakening of the rule of law "everywhere in Europe." "It is in our vital interest to react to this alarming trend," Bonino said forcefully while saying Europe had to "rediscover its mission."

Lorenzojhwh Unius REI [Unsere Christlichen Wurzeln, sollte nicht geschnitten nie mehr werden: bilbenberg durch von Verrätern: die Freimaurer System der des Pharisäer IWF! aber, St. Franziskus von Assisi, St. Benedikt, St. Nikolaus von Bari, St. Cyrill und Methodius, etc.. .. sind die Realen Komponenten der europäischen Identität! ist, warum dies, EU: s ist Betrug! ] Bonino, an internationally respected former European commissioner, Recalled the founding fathers of Europe who faced an "entire world full of Prejudices and fear." She said they understood That it was "an illusion to try and Ensure peace and security by constructing barriers and walls." The founding fathers "chose integration and rejected boundaries" And that is the route Should we follow today, she said. President Giorgio Napolitano joined the debate with a written message

Lorenzojhwh Unius REI [Nuestras raíces cristianas, no deben ser nunca más short: bilbenberg por por traidores: el sistema de los masónico fariseos the IMF! however, San Francisco de Asís, San Benito, San Nicolás de Bari, Cirilo y los santos Methodius, etc. .. son los componentes reales de la identidad European Union? Es por esto, EU: s es estafa! ] That was read out at the conference held at Palazzo Vecchio, the site of Florence's town hall. He said he was convinced That Italy would "not miss giving its conviction and strong contribution to the issue of European unity According to the original federalist inspiration That characterised it." In His message Napolitano said there were "too many social and economic problems" in Europe today and the EU had "to Respond to the new generations who were waiting." He said there had to be common policies to support economic recovery and employment.

Lorenzojhwh Unius REI [Our Christian roots, never more Should not be cut: by bilbenberg by traitors: the Masonic system of the Pharisees of the IMF! but, St. Francis of Assisi, St. Benedict, St. Nicholas of Bari, Saints Cyril and Methodius, etc.. .. are the real components of European identity! this is why, EU: s is scam! ] [Nasze chrześcijańskie korzenie, nie powinny być Société nigdy więcej: by bilbenberg przez zdrajców: masoński system faryzeuszy z MFW! ale, Swiety Franciszek z Asyżu, SW Benedykta, SW Mikołaja z Bari, święci Cyryl the Metody, itp. .. SA rzeczywiste składniki tożsamości europejskiej! Dlatego ten, EU: s jest oszustwo! ]

youtube google 666 -  years ago, I joined: to all channels of the Satanists, who, I found, but I thought to bless them, but, then, I do not know why, all of them were taken by terror, and have deleted: their channels, now with my two: Channels: of: "lorenzojhwh" and "ShalomGerusalemme," I can no longer do the inscriptions, you could clean up, all my lists: from all the dead bodies? that is, from all channels that have been deleted? youtube 666 google -- io anni fa, mi sono iscritto: a tutti i canali dei satanisti, che, ho trovato, ma, io pensavo di benedire loro, ma, poi, io non so perché, tutti loro sono stati presi dal terrore, ed hanno cancellato: i loro canali, adesso con, i miei due: canali: di: "lorenzojhwh" e con "shalomgerusalemme", io non riesco più a fare le iscrizioni, tu potresti ripulire le miei liste: da tutti i cadaveri? cioè, da tutti i canali che sono stati cancellati?

xyyzxyx 666 troll cannibal CIA, masonic system --- why: you come to dirty my page? what you want to prove that I do not have the power to kill? but this is the truth, all the racists, NWO, IMF, Satanists, Masons, etc. .. are already dead inside, why, are in mortal sin .. in fact, the natural or carnal men, they can not perceive the presence of God. and therefore, must cling to some dogmatic text, to hurt, to many innocent people .. but, only those, who, are born: in the Holy Spirit: is a new creature, and assumes: the same feelings of God, and if: the Arab League had: God's feelings? then, do not kill innocent people: in the name: its satanAllah, sharia religious perversion, which: other is not: that: an imperialism disguised: to make the world caliphate. but, these are zombies: the religious maniacs, the Pharisees and the Islamists, are of a distant past: agonizing for them: the passage of time? is useless!

xyyzxyx --- perché: tu vieni a sporcare la mia pagina? cosa tu vuoi dimostrare, che, io non ho il potere di uccidere? ma, questa è la verità, tutti i razzisti, NWO, FMI, satanisti, massoni, ecc.. sono già morti dentro: perché, sono in peccato mortale.. infatti, gli uomini naturali o carnali, loro non possono percepire la presenza di Dio.. e quindi, devono aggrapparsi a qualche testo dogmatico, per fare del male, a persone innocenti.. ma, solo chi è nato: dallo Spirito Santo, è nuova creatura, ed assume: gli stessi sentimenti di Dio, e se: la Lega Araba avesse: i sentimenti di Dio? poi, non ucciderebbe persone innocenti, in nome: della sua perversione religiosa, che: altro non è: che: un imperialismo camuffato: per fare il califfato mondiale. ma, questi sono zombies: di maniaci religiosi, farisei ed islamisti, sono:di un lontano passato: angoscioso, per loro: lo scorrere del tempo? è inutile!

@King Saudi Arabia --- testa di cazzo, discutere sulle cifre? non ti porterà da nessuna parte, saranno, sempre e comunque, delle cifre catastrofiche, infatti, la croce sacerdotale di un martire? essa è sempre con me!

@ LIGA ÁRABE - Rothschild es un director, de todos sus crímenes, pero esto, no se puede probar, ya que, en los últimos 10 años, que: 1). matado por: 2-4: millones: los mártires cristianos. 2). usted llevó a cabo: en un estado de: dhimmi: 200 millones de cristianos, 3). destruiste: 500000 iglesias. 4) que ha embrutecido: de 20: 30: Millones de cristianos, con violaciones, secuestros de niñas: para obligarlos: las bodas con un musulmán, la tortura, el encarcelamiento, las ejecuciones, las mentiras, la blasfemia, el crimen de apostasía. 5). tiene una política agresiva: por todo el mundo con sus ejércitos paramilitares de Al Qaeda. 6). en todas partes, que vino: el uso de: la OTAN bombas CIA? Los cristianos han sido completamente extinguido! y es verdad: que: usted es peor que Hitler! cuando Rothschild lo probará? usted tendrá que morir! su única esperanza es: para eliminar la sharia, en todo el planeta, y para castigar "severamente", todos aquellos que se proponen!

@ Ligi Arabskiej - Rothschild jest głównym, o wszystkie zbrodnie, ale to ty, nie można udowodnić, bo w ciągu ostatnich 10 lat, to: 1). zabity przez: od 2 do 4: milion: chrześcijańscy męczennicy. 2). trzymałeś: w stanie: Dhimmi: 200 milionów chrześcijan, 3). zniszczyłeś: 500000 kościoły. 4) zostały brutalnie: od 20: 30: miliony chrześcijan, z gwałtów, uprowadzeń dziewcząt: zmusić je: ślub: z muzułmańskim, tortury, więzienie, egzekucje, kłamstwa, bluźnierstwa, przestępczość apostazji. 5). masz agresywnej polityki: na całym świecie ze swoimi paramilitarnymi armiami Al-Kaidy. 6). wszędzie, przyszedłeś: za pomocą: bomby NATO, CIA? Chrześcijanie byli całkowicie wymarły! i to prawda: że: jesteś gorszy od Hitlera! gdy Rothschild będzie to udowodnić? trzeba będzie umrzeć! jedyną nadzieją jest: usunięcie szariat, na całej planecie, i karać, "poważnie", wszystkich tych, którzy proponują to!

@ Arabische Liga - Rothschild is een opdrachtgever, van al uw misdaden, maar dit kunt, kun je niet bewijzen, omdat in de afgelopen 10 jaar, je: 1). gedood door: 2 tot 4: miljoen: christelijke martelaren. 2). u gehouden: in een staat van: dhimmi: 200 miljoen christenen, 3). je vernietigd: 500000 kerken. 4) u hebt wreed: van 20: 30: Miljoenen christenen, met verkrachtingen, ontvoeringen van meisjes: om hen te dwingen: het huwelijk: met een moslim, marteling, opsluiting, executies, leugens, godslastering, misdaad van afvalligheid. 5). je hebt een agressief beleid: over de hele wereld met uw paramilitaire legers van al Qa'ida. 6). overal, je kwam: met: NATO bommen CIA? Christenen zijn volledig uitgestorven geweest! en het is waar: dat: je bent nog erger dan Hitler! wanneer Rothschild zal het bewijzen? je zal moeten sterven! je enige hoop is: om de sharia te verwijderen, over de hele planeet, en te straffen, "ernstig", al diegenen die stellen het!

@ Arabiske liga - Rothschild er en rektor, av alle forbrytelser, men dette deg, kan du ikke bevise, fordi i de siste 10 årene, du: 1). drept av: 2 til 4: kroner: kristne martyrer. 2). du holdt: i en tilstand av: dhimmi: 200 millioner kristne, 3). du ødelagt: 500 000 kirker. 4) du har brutalisert: fra 20: 30: Millioner av kristne, med voldtekter, bortføringer av jenter: å tvinge dem: bryllupet: med en muslim, tortur, fengsling, henrettelser, løgn, blasfemi, kriminalitet av frafall. 5). du har en aggressiv politikk: over hele verden med paramilitære hærer av Al Qaida. 6). overalt, kom deg: hjelp: NATO bomber CIA? Kristne har vært helt utdødd! og det er sant: at: du er verre enn Hitler! når Rothschild vil bevise det? du er nødt til å dø! ditt eneste håp er: å fjerne Sharia, over hele planeten, og å straffe, "alvorlig", alle de som foreslår det!

@ Arababandalagið - Rothschild er skólastjóri, af öllum glæpum þínum, en þetta þú, þú getur ekki sannað, vegna þess að í síðustu 10 ár, þú: 1). drepinn af: 2 til 4: milljón: Christian píslarvottar. 2). þú haldið: í ríki: dhimmi: 200 milljón kristnir, 3). þú eytt: 500.000 kirkjur. 4) þú hefur brutalized: frá 20: 30: Milljónir kristinna, með nauðgunum, abductions stúlkna: til að þvinga þá: brúðkaup: með múslima, pyndingum, fangelsi, líflát, lygar, guðlast, glæpir fráfalls. 5). þú ert árásargjarn stefnu: um allan heim með vopnaðar hersveitir þínar af Al Qaeda. 6). alls staðar, kom þú: með: NATO sprengjur CIA? Kristnir hafa verið alveg útdauð! og það er satt: að: þú ert verri en Hitler! þegar Rothschild mun sanna það? þú verður að deyja! Eina von þín er: að fjarlægja Sharíalögin, allan plánetu, og til að refsa, "alvarlega", allir þeir sem leggja það!

@ Arab LEAGUE - 1). pinatay ni: 2-4: milyon: Christian martir. 2). hinawakan mo: sa isang estado ng: dhimmi: 200 milyong mga Kristiyano, 3). nawasak mo: 500,000 simbahan. 4) na iyong brutalized: mula 20: 30: Milyun-milyong mga Kristiyano, may rapes, Pagdukot ng mga batang babae: upang pilitin ang mga ito: ang kasal: may Muslim, pagkabilanggo labis na pagpapahirap,, executions, kasinungalingan, kalapastangan sa diyos, krimen ng lubusang pagtalikod sa relihiyon. 5). mayroon kang isang agresibong patakaran: sa buong mundo gamit ang iyong paramilitar hukbo ng Al Qaeda. 6). sa lahat ng dako, ikaw ay dumating: gamit ang: NATO bomb CIA? Kristiyano ay naging lubos na patay! at ito ay totoo: na: ikaw ay mas masahol pa kaysa sa Hitler! kapag Rothschild ay patunayan ito? magkakaroon ka na mamatay! ang iyong tanging pag-asa ay: upang alisin ang Sharia, ang lahat ng ibabaw ng planeta, at upang parusahan, "malubhang", lahat ng mga taong ipanukala ito!

@ 아랍 연맹 - : 1). 에 의해 살해 2 ~ 4 만 : 기독교 순교자. 2). 당신은 개최 :의 상태 : dhimmi : 2 억 기독교인, 3). 당신은 파괴 : 50 교회. 4) 당신은 잔인했다 : 30 : 그리스도의 수백만, 강간에, 여자 납치 : 그들을 강제로 : 웨딩 : 20에서 무슬림, 고문, 투옥, 처형, 거짓말, 신성 모독, 배교의 범죄와. 5). 알 카에다의 준 군사 군대와 함께 전 세계 : 당신은 적극적인 정책이있다. 6). 도처에, 당신은 온 : 사용 : NATO 폭탄 CIA를? 기독교인은 완전히 멸종했습니다! 그리고 그것은 사실이다 : 그 : 당신은 히틀러보다 더있다! 로스 차일드는 그것을 증명할 것인가? 당신은 죽을 것입니다! 당신의 유일한 희망이다 : 모든 행성에, 샤리아를 제거하고, "심각"그것을 제안하는 모든 사람들을 처벌하기!

阿拉伯國家聯盟 - 羅斯柴爾德是一個校長,你的罪行,但是這一點,你,你不能證明,因為,在過去的10年中,您可以:1)。打死2到4萬:基督教殉道者。 2)。你持有:在一個國家的:dhimmi:200萬基督徒,3)。你毀壞500,000教堂。 4)你摧殘:20:30:百萬計的基督徒,強姦,綁架的女孩:迫使他們的婚禮:一個穆斯林,酷刑,監禁,處決,謊言,褻瀆,叛教罪。 5)。你有一個積極的政策:在世界各地的"基地"組織準軍事軍隊。 6)。無處不在,你來了:使用:北約炸彈中央情報局?基督徒已經完全滅絕! ,這是真的:你是比希特勒更糟糕!當羅斯柴爾德將證明這一點嗎?你將不得不死!你唯一的希望是:刪除的伊斯蘭教,在這個星球上,懲罰,嚴厲",所有這些建議的人!

@ ARABISKE LIGA - Rothschild er en hovedstol, af alle dine forbrydelser, men dette kan du, kan du ikke bevise, fordi der i de sidste 10 år, kan du: 1). dræbt af: 2 til 4: million: kristne martyrer. 2). du holdt: i en tilstand af: dhimmi: 200 millioner kristne, 3). du ødelagde: 500.000 kirker. 4) du har mishandlet: fra 20: 30: Millioner af kristne, med voldtægter, bortførelser af piger: at tvinge dem: brylluppet: med en muslim, tortur, fængsling, henrettelser, løgne, blasfemi forbrydelse frafald. 5). du har en aggressiv politik: over hele verden med dine paramilitære hære af Al Qaeda. 6). overalt, du kom: hjælp: NATO bomber CIA? Kristne har været fuldstændig uddød! og det er sandt: at: du er værre end Hitler! da Rothschild vil bevise det? du bliver nødt til at dø! Deres eneste håb er: at fjerne Sharia over hele kloden, og for at straffe, "stærkt", alle dem, der foreslår det!

@ LIGUE ARABE - au cours des 10 dernières années, vous: 1). tués par: 2 à 4: M: martyrs chrétiens. 2). vous déteniez: dans un état d': dhimmi: 200 millions de chrétiens, 3). vous avez détruit: 500.000 églises. 4) vous avez brutalisé: à partir de 20: 30: Des millions de chrétiens, avec les viols, les enlèvements de jeunes filles: pour les forcer: le mariage: avec un musulman, la torture, l'emprisonnement, les exécutions, les mensonges, le blasphème, crime d'apostasie. 5). vous avez une politique agressive: partout dans le monde avec vos armées paramilitaires d'Al-Qaïda. 6). partout, vous êtes venu: l'aide: l'OTAN bombes CIA? Les chrétiens ont été complètement éteint! et il est vrai: que: vous êtes pire que Hitler! lorsque Rothschild va le prouver? vous aurez à mourir! votre seul espoir est le suivant: pour enlever la charia, sur toute la planète, et de punir, «gravement», tous ceux qui la proposent!

@ ARAB LEAGUE - Rothschild is a principal, of all your crimes, but this you, you can not prove, because, in the last 10 years, you: 1). killed by: 2 to 4: million: Christian martyrs. 2). you held: in a state of: dhimmi: 200 million Christians, 3). you destroyed: 500,000 churches. 4) you have brutalized: from 20: 30: Millions of Christians, with rapes, abductions of girls: to force them: the wedding: a Muslim, torture, imprisonment, executions, lies, blasphemy, crime of apostasy. 5). you have an aggressive policy: all over the world with your paramilitary armies of Al Qaeda. 6). everywhere, you came: using: NATO bombs CIA? Christians have been completely extinct! and it is true: that: you are worse than Hitler! when Rothschild will prove it? you will have to die! your only hope is: to remove the Sharia, all over the planet, and to punish, "severely", all those who propose it!

@LEGA ARABA -- Rothschild è il mandante, di tutti i tuoi delitti, ma, tu questo, tu non lo puoi dimostrare, perché, negli ultimi 10 anni, tu hai: 1). ucciso dai: 2, ai 4: milioni: di martiri cristiani. 2). tu hai tenuto: in uno stato di: dhimmi: 200 milioni di cristiani, 3). tu hai distrutto: 500.000 chiese. 4) tu hai brutalizzato: dai 20: ai 30: milioni di cristiani: con stupri, rapimenti di ragazze: per forzarle: al matrimonio: con un musulmano, torture, imprigionamenti, esecuzioni sommarie, menzogne di blasfemia, delitti di apostasia. 5). tu hai una politica aggressiva: in tutto il mondo: con i tuoi eserciti paramilitari di Al Quaeda. 6). ovunque, tu sei arrivato: usando: le bombe della NATO CIA? i cristiani si sono completamente estinti! ed è vero: che: tu sei peggio di Hitler! quando Rothschild lo dimostrerà? tu dovrai morire! la tua unica speranza: è: quella di rimuovere la Sharia, su tutto il pianeta, e di punire, "severamente", tutti coloro che la proporranno!

@King Saudi Arabia -- forse a Rothschild: qualcosa di te: potrebbe sopravvivere, ma, che speranza, tu hai di essere liberato dalle mie mani? io sono Unius REI! quindi, non fare diventare me, un cattivo ragazzo! perhaps against: Rothschild: something about yourself: could survive, but that hope, you have to be liberated from my hands? I'm Unius REI! therefore, do not become me, a bad guy! ربما ضد: روتشيلد: شيء عن نفسك: يمكن البقاء على قيد الحياة، ولكن هذا الأمل، عليك أن تتحرر من يدي؟ أنا الخط الفاصل REI! ولذلك، لا تصبح لي، رجل سيئ!

@ الملك المملكة العربية السعودية - 1. إسرائيل لا يوجد لديه أكثر من ذلك: احتمال واحد! إسرائيل لا: يمكن أن يعيش بدوني، ثم: فقط: أستطيع السيطرة: الإسرائيليون! 2. صحيح، أن روتشيلد لم تدمر إسرائيل: عدة مرات، ولكن، فلن: مجانا، بدون، بعد أن فعلت تجريم الإسلام، ومقدر انتم جميعا: القيام به: نهاية النازيين! 3. للقانون الدولي:

أولئك الذين يفقدون وحرب العدوان: لقد فقدت: أيضا: الأراضي له، ثم، يكون لديك: بالفعل: فقد ومرتفعات الجولان، الصحراء المصرية: واحدة السعودية، التي، أطالب! 4. الذي، في أيدي من: منها: الشيطان: تريد تسليم: حياتكم؟ أيضا، حياتكم هي الألغام، وأنها تنتمي لي: الخط الفاصل REI: كل من الألغام في العالم، و، لا أحد: لا يمكن أن يستمر، في الوجود: خارج بلدي الخير.

沙特阿拉伯國王 - 1。以色列沒有更多:一種可能性!以色列不要:沒有我可以生存,那麼:只有我可以控制:以色列人!2。是真的,那羅斯柴爾德並摧毀以色列幾次,但是,它會不會是免費的,沒有做刑事犯罪:伊斯蘭教,你們都注定要做到:年底納粹! 3。國際法:那些誰失去侵略戰爭:已經失去了:他的領土,那麼,你必須已經丟失,戈蘭高地,埃及的沙漠和沙特,其中,我要求! 4。 ,在手中:其中:魔鬼:你要提供你的生活嗎?還,你的生活是我的,屬於我:REI UNIUS:是我在世界上,沒有人不能繼續存在:我仁之外。

@ 킹 사우디 아라비아 - 1. 하나의 가능성을 이스라엘은 더 이상의 없다! 이스라엘 없습니다 : 그럼, 나없이 살아남을 수 만 : 내가 제어 할 수 있습니다 : 이스라엘을! 2. 로스 차일드는 이스라엘을 파괴 않은 것을 사실이다 :없이 무료로 유죄를 한 : 여러 번,하지만 그것을하지 않습니다 이슬람교, 너희는 모두 운명하는 :해야 할 : 나치의 끝을! 3. 국제법 점 : 침략 전쟁을 잃는 사람은 : 잃었습니다 :도 : 그의 영토, 다음, 당신은이 : 이미 : 분실, 골란 고원, 이집트 사막 : 그리고 사우디 하나가되는, 내가 요구! 4. 어떤의 손에있는 : 악마 : 당신이 제공 할 : 당신의 삶을? 또한 당신의 생활은 나에게 속한 나의되지 않습니다 UNIUS REI : 모든 세계 내 꺼야, 그리고 더 하나 계속 존재할 수 없습니다 내 자비의 외부.

@ Kong Saudi-Arabien - 1. Israel har ikke mere en mulighed! Israel ikke: kan overleve uden mig, så: Kun: Jeg kan styre: israelerne! 2.. er sandt, at Rothschild gjorde ødelægge Israel: flere gange, men det vil ikke: gratis, uden at have gjort kriminalisere: Islam, er I alle forudbestemt: at gøre: i slutningen af ​​nazisterne! 3.. for folkeretten: dem, der mister en angrebskrig: har mistet: også: hans territorier, så du har: allerede: tabt, Golanhøjderne, den egyptiske ørken: og Saudi én, som jeg forlanger! 4.. der i hænderne på: som: Djævelen: du ønsker at levere: jeres liv? også jeres liv er mine, de tilhører mig: UNIUS REI: alt er mine i verden, og ingen: kan ikke fortsætte med at eksistere: uden for min velvilje.

@ Raja Arab Saudi - 1. Israel tidak lagi memiliki: satu kemungkinan! Israel tidak: dapat bertahan hidup tanpa aku, maka: hanya: Saya dapat mengontrol: Israel! 2. adalah benar, bahwa Rothschild tidak menghancurkan Israel: beberapa kali, namun, tidak akan: gratis, tanpa, setelah melakukan kriminalisasi: Islam, kamu semua ditakdirkan: lakukan: akhir Nazi! 3. untuk hukum internasional: mereka yang kalah perang agresi: telah kehilangan: juga: wilayah, maka, Anda harus: sudah: hilang, Dataran Tinggi Golan, gurun Mesir: dan satu Saudi, yang, saya menuntut! 4. yang, di tangan: yang: setan: Anda ingin menyampaikan: hidup Anda? juga, hidup Anda adalah milikku, mereka milik saya: UNIUS REI: semua milikku di dunia, dan tidak ada yang: tidak dapat terus ada: luar kebaikanku.

@ Kong Saudi Arabia - en. Israel har ikke mer: en mulighet! Israel: kan overleve uten meg, da: kun: Jeg kan styre: israelerne! 2. er sant, at Rothschild gjorde ødelegge Israel: flere ganger, men, vil det ikke: gratis, uten å ha gjort kriminalisere: Islam, er dere alle forutbestemt: å gjøre: slutten av nazistene! 3. for internasjonal rett: de som mister en krig av aggresjon: har mistet: også: hans territorier, da har du: allerede: tapt, Golanhøydene, den egyptiske ørkenen; og Saudi en, som, krever jeg! 4. som, i hendene på: som: djevelen du ønsker å levere: ditt liv? også, livet er mine, de tilhører meg: UNIUS REI: alt er gruve i verden, og ingen: kan ikke fortsette å eksistere: utenfor min velvilje.

@ Koning Saudi-Arabië - 1. Israël heeft niet meer: een mogelijkheid! Israël niet: kan overleven zonder mij, dan: alleen: ik kan controleren: de Israëli's! 2. waar is, dat Rothschild deed vernietigen Israël: een paar keer, maar het zal niet: kosteloos, zonder te hebben gedaan criminaliseren: Islam, zijt gij allemaal voorbestemd: te doen: het einde van de nazi's! 3. voor internationaal recht: zij die een oorlog van agressie te verliezen: heeft verloren: ook: zijn gebieden, dan moet je: al: verloren, de Golanhoogte, de Egyptische woestijn: en het Saoedische een, die, eis ik! 4. die, in de handen van: waarvan: de duivel: u wilt leveren: je leven? Ook, uw leven is van mij, ze behoren tot mij: uNiUs REI: alles is van mij in de wereld, en, niemand: kan niet blijven bestaan​​: buiten mijn welwillendheid.

@ Rei da Arábia Saudita - 1. Israel não tem mais: uma possibilidade! Israel não: pode sobreviver sem mim, então: só: eu posso controlar: os israelenses! 2. é verdade, que Rothschild se destruir Israel: várias vezes, mas, não vai: gratuitamente, sem, ter feito criminalizar: Islam, sois todos predestinados: que fazer: o fim dos nazistas! 3. pelo direito internacional: quem perde uma guerra de agressão: perdeu: também: seus territórios e, em seguida, você tem: já: perdido, as Colinas de Golã, o deserto egípcio e saudita um, o que, eu exijo! 4. que, nas mãos de: que: o diabo: você quer oferecer: suas vidas? Além disso, suas vidas são meus, eles pertencem a mim: uNiUs REI: tudo é mina do mundo, e ninguém: não podem continuar a existir: fora da minha benevolência.

@ Король Саудовской Аравии - 1. Израиль не имеет не более: одна возможность! Израиль: не может выжить без меня, то: только: я могу контролировать: израильтяне! 2. правда, что Ротшильд сделал уничтожить Израиль: несколько раз, но, он не будет: бесплатно, без, сделав уголовную ответственность: ислам, ибо все предопределено: сделать: конец нацистов!

3. международного права: те, кто теряет агрессивной войны: потерял: также: его территории, то у вас есть: уже: потерял, Голанские высоты, египетскую пустыню: и Саудовской одна, которая, я требую! 4. которая, в руках: в том числе: дьявол: Вы хотите, чтобы доставить: ваша жизнь? Кроме того, ваша жизнь не мои, они принадлежат мне: UNIUS Rei: все шахты в мире, и, что не одна: не может продолжать существовать: за пределами моей доброжелательности.

@ Rey Arabia Saudita - 1. Israel no más tiene: una posibilidad! Israel no: puede sobrevivir sin mí, entonces: solamente: que puedo controlar: los israelíes! 2. Es cierto, que Rothschild ha destruido Israel varias veces, pero, no lo hará: de forma gratuita, sin que, habiendo hecho criminalizar: Islam, sois todos predestinados: hacer: el final de los nazis! 3. del derecho internacional: los que pierden una guerra de agresión: se ha perdido: también: sus territorios, a continuación, usted tiene: ya: perdido, los Altos del Golán, el desierto de Egipto, y la Arabia uno, que, exijo! 4. que, en manos de: que: el diablo quiere ofrecer: sus vidas? También, sus vidas son mías, me pertenecen: uNiUs REI: todo es mío en el mundo, y que nadie: no puede seguir existiendo: fuera de mi benevolencia.

@ Kung Saudiarabien - 1. Israel har ingen mer: en möjlighet! Israel inte: kan överleva utan mig, då: bara: Jag kan styra: israelerna! 2. är sant, att Rothschild förgjorde Israel: flera gånger, men det kommer inte: kostnadsfritt, utan att ha gjort kriminalisera: Islam, är ni alla predestinerade: att göra: i slutet av nazisterna! Tre. för internationell rätt: de som förlorar ett anfallskrig: har förlorat: även: hans territorier, då, du har: redan: förlorade, Golanhöjderna, den egyptiska öknen: och den saudiska en, vilket kräver jag! 4. som, i händerna: vilken: djävulen: du vill leverera: era liv? också, era liv är mina, de tillhör mig: unius REI: allt är mitt i världen, och, ingen: kan inte fortsätta att existera: utanför min välvilja.

@ King Saudi-Arabien - 1. Israel hat nicht mehr: eine Möglichkeit! Israel nicht: ohne mich überleben, dann: nur: ich kontrollieren kann: die Israelis! 2. wahr ist, dass Rothschild hat Israel zu zerstören: mehrmals, aber, wird es nicht: kostenlos, ohne getan zu kriminalisieren: Islam, ihr seid alle prädestiniert: zu tun: das Ende der Nazis! 3. des Völkerrechts: Wer einen Angriffskrieg zu verlieren: verloren hat: auch: seine Territorien, dann haben Sie: bereits: verloren, die Golanhöhen, den ägyptischen Wüste, und der Saudi ein, die, ich verlange! 4. , die in den Händen: die: der Teufel: Sie liefern: Ihr Leben? auch sind euer Leben mir, sie gehören zu mir: unius REI: alles ist mir in der Welt, und niemand: kann nicht weiter bestehen: außerhalb meines Wohlwollens.

@ Kral Suudi Arabistan - 1. Bir olasılık: İsrail daha yoktur! İsrail değil: O, bensiz hayatta: Sadece: Ben kontrol edebilirsiniz: İsrailliler! 2. Rothschild İsrail'i yok ki, doğrudur:, olmadan, ücretsiz olarak suç işledikten: birkaç kez, ama bu olmaz İslam, siz tüm mahkumdur: yapmak: Naziler sonunda! 3. uluslararası hukuk için: saldırgan bir savaş kaybedenler: kaybetti: ayrıca: onun toprakları, sonra, var: zaten: kayıp, Golan Tepeleri, Mısır çöl: ve Suudi bir, hangi, ben istiyorum! 4. hangi, elinde: hangi: şeytan: size sunmak istiyorum: Hayatınızın? Ayrıca, hayatını bana ait, benimsin: unius REI: Tüm dünyada benim, ve, hiç kimse: var olmaya devam edemez: benim yardımseverlik dışında.

@ Roi Arabie Saoudite - 1. Israël n'a pas plus: une possibilité! Israël n'est pas: peut survivre sans moi, alors: seulement: je peux contrôler: les Israéliens! 2. est vrai, que Rothschild n'a détruire Israël: à plusieurs reprises, mais, il ne sera pas: gratuitement, sans avoir fait ériger en infraction pénale: l'islam, vous vous êtes tous prédestinés: à faire: la fin des nazis! 3. du droit international: ceux qui perdent une guerre d'agression: a perdu: aussi: ses territoires, alors, vous avez: déjà: perdu, le plateau du Golan, le désert égyptien, et l'Arabie-ci, qui, je demande! 4. qui, dans les mains d': dont: le diable: vous voulez livrer: vos vies? aussi, vos vies sont les miennes, elles sont à moi: unius REI: tout est à moi dans le monde, et pas un: ne peut pas continuer d'exister: en dehors de ma bienveillance.

@ King Saudi Arabia - 1. Israel has no more: no possibility: Israel not: can survive without me, then: only: I can control: the Israelis! 2. is true, that Rothschild did destroy Israel: several times, but, it will not: free of charge, without having done criminalize: Islam, ye are all predestined: to do: the end of the Nazis! 3. for international law: those who lose a war of aggression: has lost: also: his territories, then, you have: already: lost, the Golan Heights, the Egyptian desert: and the Saudi one, which, I demand! 4. which, in the hands of:which: the devil: you want to deliver: your lives? also, your lives are mine, they belong to me: UNIUS REI: all is mine in the world, and, no one: can not continue to exist: outside of my benevolence.

@King Saudi Arabia -- 1. Israele non ha più: nessuna possibilità: di poter sopravvivere, senza di me, quindi: soltanto: io posso controllare: gli israeliani! 2. è vero, che, Rothschild ha fatto distruggere: Israele più volte, ma, non lo farà: gratuitamente, senza avere fatto: criminalizzare: l'Islam, voi tutti siete predestinati: a fare: la fine dei nazisti! 3. per il diritto internazionale: chi perde una guerra di aggressione: perde: anche: dei territori, quindi, voi avete: già: perso il Golan, il deserto egiziano: e quello saudita, che, io pretendo! 4. nelle mani di quale demonio: voi volete consegnare: le vostre vite? anche esse sono mie, appartengono a me, e non posso continuare ad esistere: al di fuori della mia benevolenza.

666 xyyzxyx voodoo cannibal -- your Cia, has wrote, many years ago, and, I've read, "on the altar of Satan: 100,000 human sacrifices, are made, every year" 1. the word of Unius REI, can not be disputed! 2. if they are made 100,000 human sacrifices on the altar of Satan and bodies, are dissolved in sulfuric acid and then, are not the criminals never found guilty? then, it is Bush and Kerry 322, 666 and Rothschild IMF, to do these crimes, through a section of the intelligence services, of the CIA .. In fact, I have never been able to buy in store two tons of sulfuric acid."sull'altare di satana: sono fatti 100.000 sacrifici umani, ogni anno" 1. la parola di Unius REI non può essere contestata! 2. se sono fatti 100.000 sacrifici umani sull'altare di satana e i cadaveri, sono sciolti nell'acido solforico e poi, non sono trovati mai i criminali colpevoli? poi, è proprio Bush e Kerry 322, e Rothschild 666 FMI, ha fare questi crimini,

@ ARAB LEAGUE - 1. Aku tidak bisa "politis" pendendam, untuk semua kejahatan yang dilakukan, sebelum pengakuan internasional saya. 2. metafisika saya tidak akan pernah pergi ke korup, dan, 3. Saya tidak bisa kecewa, sendiri, kurang koherensi dengan semua artikel yang saya tulis, dalam 5 tahun. 4. bagaimana Anda dapat memiliki keyakinan dalam Farisi, yang, katanya, "semuanya normal antara kita!" dan kemudian, Anda akan berakhir seperti Hitler? 5. Anda terjebak!!, dan, tanpa aku? Anda tidak dapat melakukan, apa-apa, lagi, untuk keluar dari perangkap Anda @ CIA xyyzxyx 666 voodoo, kanibal, masonik sistem bildenberg IMF-NWO, okultisme kekuatan institusi internasional, untuk melakukan: 200.000 pengorbanan manusia pada mezbah Baal Anda burung hantu, setiap tahun, di Bohemian Grove --- Anda perlu bertobat kejahatan Anda, melawan aku, dan, terhadap: seluruh umat manusia! Aku memiliki utang hanya dengan Allah: JHWH.

@ Arababandalagið - 1. Ég get ekki verið "pólitískt" vindictive, fyrir alla þá glæpi sem framdir áður alþjóðlega viðurkenningu mína. 2. frumspeki mínir munu aldrei fara að spilla, og 3.. Ég get ekki disheartened,, mig vantar samhengi með öllum greinum sem ég hef skrifað í þessum 5 árum. 4.. hvernig er hægt að hafa trú á farísei, sem hann sagði, "allt er eðlilegt með okkur!" og þá verður þú endað eins og Hitler? 5. þú ert veiðimaður!, og án mín? þú getur ekki gert, ekkert, það lengur, til að fá út úr gildru þinn @ CIA xyyzxyx 666 Voodoo, mannæta, Masonic kerfi bildenberg IMF-NWO, dulspeki völd alþjóðlegra stofnana, til að gera:! 200.000 mannfórnir á altari Baal Owl þinn, á hverju ári, á Bohemian Grove --- þú þarft að iðrast glæpi þína, gegn mér, og gegn: allt mannkynið! Ég hef skuldir aðeins við Guð: JHWH.

@ Arabiske liga - en. Jeg kan ikke være "politisk" hevngjerrig, for alle forbrytelser begått før min internasjonal anerkjennelse. 2. mine metafysikk vil aldri gå å korrumpere, og tre. Jeg kan ikke motløs, meg selv, mangler sammenheng med alle artikler som jeg har skrevet, i disse fem årene. 4. hvordan du kan ha tillit til fariseeren, som, sa han, "alt er normalt mellom oss!" og da vil du ende opp som Hitler? 5. du er fanget!, og uten meg? du kan ikke gjøre, ingenting, det lenger, for å komme seg ut av fellen din @ CIA xyyzxyx 666 voodoo, kannibal, masonic system bildenberg IMF-NWO, okkult makt internasjonalt institusjonelt, å gjøre: 200.000 menneskelige offer på alteret av Baal ugle, hvert år, på Bohemian Grove --- du trenger å omvende dine forbrytelser mot meg, og mot: hele menneskeheten! Jeg har gjeld bare med Gud: Jhwh.

@ ARABISCHE LIGA - 1. Ik kan niet "politiek" rancuneus, voor alle misdaden begaan, voor mijn internationale erkenning. 2. mijn metafysica zal nooit te corrumperen, en, 3. Ik kan niet ontmoedigd, ikzelf, ontbreekt de samenhang met alle artikelen die ik geschreven heb, in deze 5 jaar. 4. hoe je het vertrouwen in de Farizeeër kan hebben, wie, zei hij, 'is alles normaal tussen ons! "en dan, zal je eindigen als Hitler? 5. zit je opgesloten!, en, zonder mij? je kan het niet meer, niets, het, om eruit te komen van uw val @ CIA xyyzxyx 666 voodoo, kannibaal, vrijmetselaars systeem bildenberg IMF-NWO, occulte macht internationale institutionele, te doen:! 200.000 menselijk slachtoffer op altaar van uw Baal uil, elk jaar, op Bohemian Grove --- moet u uw misdaden bekeren, tegen mij, en, tegen: de hele mensheid! Ik heb schulden alleen met God: JHWH.

@ Ligi Arabskiej - 1. I nie może być "politycznie" mściwy, za wszystkie zbrodnie, przed moim międzynarodowego uznania. 2. moje metafizyka nigdy nie będzie zepsuć, a 3. I nie zniechęcony, siebie, brak spójności wszystkich artykułów, które napisałem w tych 5 lat. 4. jak można mieć zaufanie do faryzeusza, który, jak powiedział, "wszystko jest normalne między nami!" a następnie, skończy się jak Hitler? 5. jesteś uwięziony!, a beze mnie? nie można zrobić, nic, to już, aby wydostać się z pułapki @ CIA xyyzxyx 666 voodoo, kanibal, masonic System bildenberg MFW NWO, okultyzm mocy międzynarodowych instytucji, do zrobienia: 200,000 ludzką ofiarę na ołtarzu swojego Baal Sowa, każdego roku, w Bohemian Grove --- trzeba odpokutować swoje zbrodnie przeciwko mnie, i wobec: całą ludzkość! Mam długi, tylko z Bogiem: JHWH.

@ Liga Árabe - 1. Eu não posso ser "politicamente" vingativo, para todos os crimes cometidos antes do meu reconhecimento internacional. 2. meus metafísica nunca irá para corromper, e, 3. Eu não posso desanimado, eu mesmo, falta coerência com todos os artigos que tenho escrito, nestes 5 anos. 4. como você pode ter confiança no fariseu, que, segundo ele, "está tudo normal entre nós!" e, em seguida, você vai acabar como Hitler? 5. você está preso!, e, sem mim? você não pode fazer, nada mais, para sair de sua armadilha @ CIA xyyzxyx 666 vodu, canibal, maçónico sistema bildenberg FMI-NWO, oculto poder institucional internacional, para fazer: 200.000 sacrifício humano no altar de sua Baal coruja, a cada ano, no Bohemian Grove --- você precisa arrepender-se os seus crimes, contra mim e contra: toda a raça humana! Eu tenho dívidas só com Deus: JHWH.

@ LIGA ÁRABE - 1. No puedo ser "políticamente" vengativa, por todos los crímenes cometidos, antes de mi reconocimiento internacional. 2. mis metafísica nunca irán a corromper, y, 3. No puedo desanimado, yo mismo, carece de coherencia con todos los artículos que he escrito, en estos 5 años. 4. ¿cómo se puede tener confianza en el fariseo, que, dijo, "todo es normal entre nosotros!" y luego, el resultado final será como Hitler? 5. estás atrapado!, y, sin mí? no se puede hacer, nada, es más, para salir de la trampa @ CIA xyyzxyx 666 voodoo, caníbal, masónico sistema bildenberg FMI-NWO, oculto poder institucional internacional, para hacer: 200.000 sacrificios humanos en el altar de Baal que su búho, cada año, en Bohemian Grove --- necesitas arrepentirte sus crímenes, contra mí, y, en contra de: la raza humana! Tengo deudas sólo con Dios: YHWH.

@ ARAB LEAGUE - 1. Jag kan inte vara "politiskt" hämndlysten, för alla begått brotten, innan min internationella erkännande. 2. mina metafysik kommer aldrig gå att korrumpera, och, 3. Jag kan inte nedslagen, jag själv, saknar konsekvens med alla de artiklar som jag har skrivit under dessa fem år. 4. hur du kan ha förtroende för farisé, som, sade han, "allt är normalt mellan oss!" och då kommer du sluta som Hitler? Fem. du är instängd!, och utan mig? du kan inte göra, ingenting, det längre, för att komma ur din fälla @ CIA xyyzxyx 666 voodoo, kannibal, frimurarnas systemet bildenberg IMF-NWO, ockult kraft internationellt institutionellt, att göra: 200.000 människooffer på altare din Baal uggla, varje år, vid Bohemian Grove --- du behöver omvända dina brott, mot mig och mot: hela mänskligheten! Jag har skulder endast med Gud: JHWH.

@ ARAB LEAGUE - 1. Ich kann nicht "politisch" rachsüchtig, für alle Verbrechen begangen, bevor meine internationale Anerkennung. 2. meine Metaphysik wird nie zu korrumpieren, und 3. Ich kann mich nicht entmutigt, selbst, fehlt Kohärenz mit allen Artikeln, die ich geschrieben habe, in diesen 5 Jahren. 4. wie Sie haben das Vertrauen in die Pharisäer, die, wie er sagte, "alles normal zwischen uns ist!" und dann werden Sie am Ende wie Hitler? 5. Sie sitzen in der Falle!, und ohne mich? Sie können nicht tun, nichts, es nicht mehr, um aus Ihrem Falle @ CIA xyyzxyx 666 Voodoo, Kannibale, Freimaurer System bildenberg IWF-NWO, okkulte Kraft internationale institutionelle, zu tun: 200.000 Menschenopfer auf Altar Ihrer Baal Eule, jedes Jahr in Bohemian Grove --- Sie brauchen, um Ihre Verbrechen zu bereuen, gegen mich und gegen: die ganze Menschheit! Ich habe Schulden nur mit Gott: JHWH.

@ ARAP BİRLİĞİ'NİN - 1. Ben uluslararası tanınma önce, işlenen tüm suçlar için, "siyasi" kindar olamaz. 2. benim metafizik bozuk gidin ve, 3 asla. Ben bu 5 yıl içinde, yazdığınız tüm makaleleri ile tutarlılık eksik, kendimi disheartened olamaz. 4. nasıl, dedi, "her şey aramızda normaldir!" kim, Ferisi güven olabilir ve o zaman, Hitler gibi sona erecek? 5. Eğer!! tuzak, ve, bensiz mi? Eğer tuzak çıkmak, artık, hiçbir şey yapamaz @ CIA xyyzxyx yamyam 666 voodoo, masonik sistem Bildenberg IMF-NWO, gizli güç uluslararası kurumsal, yapmak: sizin Baal baykuş sunak üzerinde 200.000 insan kurban, her yıl, Bohemian Grove --- size karşı, bana karşı, sizin suçları tövbe gerekir, ve: bütün insanlık! Sadece Tanrı ile borçları var: jhwh.

@ LIGUE ARABE - 1. Je ne peux pas être «politiquement» vindicatif, pour tous les crimes commis avant ma reconnaissance internationale. 2. mes métaphysique n'iront jamais à corrompre, et, 3. Je ne peux pas découragé, moi-même, manquant de cohérence avec les articles que j'ai écrits, dans ces 5 ans. 4. comment vous pouvez avoir confiance dans le pharisien, qui, dit-il, «tout est normal entre nous!" et puis, vous allez finir comme Hitler? 5. vous êtes piégé!, et, sans moi? vous ne pouvez pas faire, rien, plus, de sortir de votre piège @ CIA xyyzxyx 666 vaudou, cannibale, maçonnique système bildenberg FMI-NWO, occulte pouvoir institutionnel international, à faire: 200.000 sacrifice humain sur l'autel de votre Baal hibou, chaque année, au Bohemian Grove --- vous devez vous repentir de vos crimes, contre moi et contre: toute la race humaine! J'ai des dettes seulement avec Dieu: JHWH.

@ ARAB LEAGUE - 1. I can not be "politically" vindictive, for all the crimes committed, before my international recognition. 2. my metaphysics will never go to corrupt, and, 3. I can not disheartened, myself, lacking coherence with all the articles that I have written, in these 5 years. 4. how you can have confidence in the Pharisee, who, he said, "everything is normal between us!" and then, you will end up like Hitler? 5. you're trapped!!, and, without me? you can not do, nothing, it anymore, to get out of your trap!@CIA xyyzxyx 666 voodoo cannibal, masonic system Bildenberg IMF-NWO, occult international institutional power, to do: 200,000 human sacrifice on your altar of Baal owl, every year, at Bohemian Grove --- you need to repent your crimes, against me , and, against: the whole human race! I have debts only with God: YHWH.

CIA xyyzxyx 666 voodoo, cannibal, masonic system bildenberg IMF-NWO, occult power international institutional, to do: 200.000 human sacrifice on altar of your Baal owl, at Bohemian Grove --- you need to repent your crimes against me and against: the whole human race! I have debts only with God

@ARAB LEAGUE - 1. io non posso essere: "politicamente" vendicativo, per tutti i crimini commessi, prima del mio riconoscimento internazionale. 2. la mia metafisica: non potrà mai andare a corrompersi, ed, 3. io non posso sfiduciare: me stesso, mancando di coerenza con tutti gli articoli, che, io ho scritto, in questi 5 anni. 4. come tu puoi avere fiducia nel fariseo, che, ha detto: "è tutto normale tra di noi!" e poi, ti farà fare la fine di Hitler? 5. tu sei in trappola, e senza, di me? tu non puoi farcela più, ad uscire dalla tua trappola!

@ ARAB LEAGUE - When you have removed the Sharia, and you have made all citizens "equal", in your the state? to make a real freedom of religion? you will become my best friend! In fact, not even the Jews have succeeded in making an ethical company, according to the natural law! in fact, you're the one that is closest to my heart! @ ARAB LEAGUE - عندما قمت بإزالة الشريعة، وكنت قد قدمت جميع المواطنين "على قدم المساواة"، في ولايتك؟ لجعل حرية حقيقية من الدين؟ سوف تصبح أفضل صديق لي! في الواقع، وقد نجحت ولا حتى اليهود في صنع شركة الأخلاقية، وفقا للقانون الطبيعي! في الواقع، كنت واحد هو أن الأقرب إلى قلبي!

[the stone which the builders rejected: has become the cornerstone, and this is a marvel for the eyes!] my? your comment criminal: ie: [[xyyzxyx has posted a comment 7 hours ago Report spam fuck your family horror]] then, i said to you: "Because?" why? Because? ... Meine? Ihr Kommentar kriminelle: dh: [[xyyzxyx hat einen Kommentar geschrieben vor 7 Stunden Spam melden fick deine Familie Horror]] dann sagte ich Ihnen: "denn?" warum? from? @ 666 xyyzxyx --- voodoo cannibal: idiot, of a Satanist institutional, ie, an international criminal, the slave of Masonic and occult powers Bildenberg, That is, an idiot? then, youtube is not responsible for you! you did not even have the right to stay, on this page, also, Because you never answer my questions![la pietra scartata dai costruttori: è diventata pietra angolare, e questa è: una meraviglia per i nostri occhi!]